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Commissions Status Update! by TitusW

Hello all!

I am temporarily closing my commissions so I can get through my entire commissions request pool/wait list!

I currently have 19 people that have submitted commission requests and have been waiting. (Some of them over 1.5 years now.) More were being added faster than I could complete them, so I needed to stop that for a while and focus on working with the people that are waiting ^^ (By the way, I don’t mean that the 19 people waiting have paid me already. I don’t take on more active already-paid commissions and one time than I can handle. I currently have just 2 people that have paid, and I am actively working on their art.)

For those that have been waiting in the commission pool, I apologize for it taking so long! Early 2020 to just recently has been rough on my brain as it has many others. I’ve been taking it slow, trying not to implode. But the wait has been long enough. I’m ready to clear out this wait list and get you all some art! I will be attempting to complete all 19 commissions within 2022.

  • If you are in the wait list, I will be emailing you within the next few days to just ask if you are still interested in a commission from me!

  • If you submitted a commission request form on my website, and I have yet to reply to you, I am extra sorry about that :| I will also be emailing you within the next few days to confirm that I received your message, remind you what you requested, and also check if you are still interested!

  • You can follow the progress through each commission and the wait list on my public Trello here:

  • New additions to my pool/wait list will remain closed until the current wait list is cleared. Hopefully re-opening sometime in 2022.

Thank you all for the continued interest in commissions! :D Everyone I have worked with on these has been so patient, and I am very grateful!

Commissions Status Update!


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