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Art Incoming, Advertising and other Updates by SatsumaLord

Hey all, it's SatsumaLord here; and although I haven't been posting up much these past couple of months, I'll be posting up artwork both today, and in the coming days (it's a good amount of stuff to post up, so I'll try to pace myself over the span of a few days, rather than just trying to post it all at once). Hopefully you'll all enjoy what I'll be posting up shortly. =3

As for other updates, my glasses were broken recently, so I had to go in and get them replaced; thankfully it didn't take too long to get the new glasses in, but I did have to work with some taped-up frames for the past week; so yeah, that kinda sucked. ^_^;

For advertising, I've put together a list of people that you guys might want to consider checking out; so feel free to take a look and see what they have to offer. =3

  1. Lumieart - [link]
  2. CanaiCreations - [link]
  3. bonusart - [link]
  4. TheFoxBro - [link]
  5. batspid2 - [link]
  6. GLWuffie - [link]
  7. maikeru - [link]
  8. NewStuff4U - [link]
  9. TigerBlack - [link]

And speaking of commissions and the like, I'll be opening up commissions myself in a few days, after I get caught up on posting up the new content; if you guys want to ask me questions about possible commissions now, you're welcome to do so, but since I'll be fairly busy with other things, I may not be able to reply quickly.

I'll try to get to any commission inquiries as soon as possible though, so thanks ahead of time for your interest and patience, as both are greatly appreciated. =3

And lastly, friend and fellow artist McSteel had both their Steam and Discord accounts hacked a couple weeks ago. So far they've gotten their Steam account back, but their Discord has still been compromised. So if you want to be able to communicate with them via Discord, be sure to contact McSteel for their new Discord username, in case anybody needed to be aware of that.

Anyway, I believe that's everything for now, so thanks for reading and I hope that you're all doing well. =3

Art Incoming, Advertising and other Updates


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