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Some update... by Many Weapons Guy

I'm starting to feel like I'm losing touch with... just about everything. Like I'm going on autopilot mode.
My biggest problem right now is that my art gallery here and on my fur affinity are both complete disorganized mess right now, but I can't re-arrange them, so now it's making it hard for me to know which ones I should upload next. I wanna just post the arts in alphabet order of their name, but even then it's not easy, when there've already been so many of them posted.
I thought of deleting all of them and reuploading them again, so I can do it in the order I want, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.
I want to take a break from arts, though it's more like from uploading arts, given the personal problem above... but I also don't want to because I'm trying all I can to advertise my weapon commission.
The last time I was DM'd about a commission was 8-9 months ago, but my price was too high. Since then I got no-one else.
I've honestly tried my best to improve my art style, yet it's discouraging to see no-one interested, and it's even more so with the disorganized gallery I have right now.
I'm not doing very well mentally, but I keep feeling that every day I take a break is a day I might miss out a customer that wants to commission me.

Some update...

Many Weapons Guy

2 October 2021 at 21:02:36 MDT

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    wouldn't using the folder feature and naming the type of weapon you drew to a specific folder accordingly like swords and macheties, axes go to bladed weapons and asault rifles, pistols, and other guns would go in fire arm folder and if you run into a catigory of weapon you don't know belongs to then put in a other/extras folder. and as far as you having a lack of people commisioning you, I'd be happy to commision you, your gun designs a amazing amazing. sadly though i can't though at the moment, but i will commision you before mid december.

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      It's more so that the two galleries, as well as my folder in my PC, are all out-of-sync, for a lack of better words. It makes things hard for me to keep track of.
      I want to be able to "sort" the arts like, in order of alphabet or something, but can't, and it bothers me pretty bad.
      In terms of commissioning, I look forward to it.