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Some random fun facts by Hazel3

Chibi is pronounced "cheebee" not "chibby"
Foxes are not cats nor felines. They are vulpines and vulpines are part of the canine family
Although foxes are often seen as carnivores, they are actually omnivores
Ocs and sonas are not the same thing. Fursonas (and sonas in general) are you as a character, but ocs are not you and are separate characters
Cheetahs don't roar, but they do meow, hiss, and make chirpy birb sounds
Foxes have slit pupils like cats, but that don't mean they're suddenly felines
Scotland use to have wolves a long time ago, but sadly they became extinct. But now we're bringing the wolves back to balance out the population!
Great Britain is so much more than "jUsT eNgLaNd"! Britain has 5 countries. Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland. I'm from Scotland! And yes I eat haggis and drink irn bru XD
Irn bru is my favourite soda ever =D I also like monster energy :3
Anti-social does not mean "shy introvert". Anti-social means a bully who likes to abuse and vandalise. Don't believe me? Here's proof:
Banana in Spanish is the same as banana in English
While soda and energy drinks hydrate you at first, it may dehydrate you later! So if you ever get thirsty after some fizzy pop, try drinking some water instead
Did you also know that the palm oil ingredient in food and hygiene products is a harmful ingredient? It harms rainforests :( See this short animation to know why

Please be nice when commenting! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all
Thanks for watching, meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ

Some random fun facts