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I went to the wildlife park! :D by Hazel3

It was lots of fun! ^w^ I seen arctic foxes, wolves, Scottish wildcats, polar bears, camels, snow leopards, snow monkeys, markhors, a lynx, a tiger, a crane birb, a wolverine, and other animals too! :D

The arctic foxes were so cuute! They were in their summer coats but they were still so adorable X3 they were chilling and sleeping and one was completely dark brown/grey with a white tail and the other looked a bit like a marble fox, they were so cute X3
The Scottish wildcats were adorable too! They look just like pet cats, except they're all brown and tabby. I also noticed they had a different face than the domestic cats you get! they were slightly cuter, their eyes were closer together (but not cross eyed) and I think they were shorthaired because of their summercoat or I could be wrong on that

The monkeys, oh boy, the monkeys were hilarious! XD There were two of them playfighting, rolling over and rolling down the hill together XDD I can tell they were playing because they were slower with each other and were deliberately rolling over, kinda like how dogs are when they play :3
There was other two monkeys who were actual fighting, I think one was trying to steal his girl, she was a mother who this adorable little baby who was snuggling up to her :3 But yeah I could tell those two were actual fighting because they were squawking and quite quick and one was even trying to pee on the other, lol okay that's a little gross XDD I wonder why animals like to pee on others when they're mad at them lol, I guess they know the other person or animal's gonna be grossed out by it all and hope that they'll leave em alone sorta thing XD

The tiger and the snow leopards just looked so beautiful and majestic UwU I got some better pictures of the tiger this time! Last time I was at a school trip, I didn't get to take good enough a picture, I did take a photo but I had to reeally zoom in as he was very far away, now I'm happy I have some really good pics now ^w^ The snow leopards just looked so adorable relaxing and sleeping, though two of them had a little disagreement when they were chilling together so that was why one of em moved away.. ^-^; But the tiger and the snow leopards just looked so pretty and cool! Big paws too! :o

There was a wolf pack! :D They looked so pretty and so cool! 2 of them looked smaller and skinnier, I think they were pups that are starting to grow a bit bigger :o They were playing and I saw a very fluffy wolf standing on top of something and another one came back with a dead rabbit in its mouth, must've gone hunting though others were following and wanted to steal from it so it was trying to find a place to eat it in peace. As I came to see other things, I heard them growling at each other, I think they were fighting over their food a little but that's nature for ya ^w^;

Congrats for making it halfway through the journal! :D Just so you know I'll be sharing some photos of the pictures I took on my new instagram right here! This is my second account for posting random content such as life stuff, pets, gaming, and other stuff of my favourite things! feel free to follow it ^-^
Also, feel free to follow my main account where I create things and post regularly! ^w^

There was also some cute lil birbs who were very sociable, coming very close to people :o I know they weren't part of the attractions of the wildlife park but it's amazing how close they were! Even some came into the gazebo every now and then where I had a burger and an irn bru for lunch :3
They were just the Scottish birds you usually see. Sparrows, chaffinches, and all that, but I still love them, they're really cute ^-^ They're definitely alot more sociable than the ones you get in other places, they're usually quite timid and will fly off if you're a bit too close, but these ones don't mind being this close but they're still a little timid aswell

The markhors were pretty funny X3 They have nice curly horns! Very interesting goat like creatures! Quite funny too XD One got their horns stuck in a tree branch lol poor thing X3 Don't worry they got out in the end! The way they were nibbling the leaves off the branches were pretty funny too lol XD There was quite a few baby ones too! It amazes me how good they are at climbing those rocks :D

I saw the polar bears chilling and laying on their front with their back legs sticking out, reminded me very much of a big cuddly dog, heh X3 one of the people who were with me was waving hello to the polarbear saying hi as we went by and it looked at her and gave her a polite nod ^-^ she did buy a polar bear puppet later on for entertaining her child and that's when I came up with an idea, I said that maybe her puppet character could be very polite and a bit of a gentleman :D I'm glad she liked my idea ^w^

Oh yeah I did get myself some souvenirs too! I got a big cuddly wolf plush that's big enough to hug and I got a really cute arctic fox plush that looks like it's lying down ^-^ I also bought myself a bubblegum flavoured pop and some bubblegum fudge cos I really love bubblegum :3 It was a little pricey, and the journey itself was a little pricey too, but hey it was worth it! It's not often I get to treat myself like this so it was lovely! ^w^ Besides I could always save up again, and maybe I could use that for future day trips! :D Who knows, maybe even vacations too! Hopefully I'll get to go abroad one day! ^w^

Oof, sorry for the looong post! Alot happened today! Was lots of fun and very interesting but boy am I tired! But I had a very good day today ^-^ Thank you for taking your time to read this and I'm sorry if it was too long!

Please be nice when commenting! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all
Thanks for watching, meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ

I went to the wildlife park! :D


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    i'm glad you had a good day!! seeing animals is so fun :D

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      aw thanks! ^w^ i agree, seeing animals is alotta fun! also very fascinating! you could learn something knew that you never knew before! :D

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        *something new
        typos, sorry about that! ^-^;

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    It sounds like you had a really super-mega-awesome-happy-joy-wonder-delight-wonderstruck-giggle filled-sweet-nice-beautiful fun time! I'm happy for you, Hazel!

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      heheh, that made me giggle a little X3 thanks! :D i'm sure you'd love it too! ^w^

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    Sounds like a fun great time! :D

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      it was! ^w^

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    It sounds like you had a lot of fun! :D

    My younger sister and I are going to try to go to the zoo for my birthday next month (and a shopping trip to the Japanese marketplace!), weather permitting. We haven't gone to any zoo in a number of years, 2018 I think was the last time we went to one.

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      that sounds so cool! i've never been to a zoo before ^w^ i'm sure yous would have just as much fun as i did X3
      also that sounds awesome :3 i do like japanese stuff ^-^ my sister gave me japanese candy and snacks once, it was very interesting! they had some very unique stuff that you never seem to get in the uk :o

      that reminds me, i should get back to reading my pokemon manga more :o it was pretty funny and also very cool! it's the diamond and pearl manga so it kinda gives me nostalgia sometimes, as that's when i first became a fan as a kid when diamond and pearl first arrived :D ofcourse i didn't have the manga at the time, but me and my sister would always watch the anime as we come home from school and play the game together on our ds's ^w^ good old memories :3

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        I know that due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are some things in the zoo that won't be accessible or open (some of the things in buildings, like the butterfly house and part of the bird sanctuary), but for the most part, it'll be nice to go to a zoo again. I do like going to the Mitsuwa Marketplace--the zoo and marketplace are about a 2-hour drive from where we live--there's a bookstore in there, plus a grocery store. It's the one place I can get all the different and odd kinds of Pocky (not just chocolate or strawberry like some general stores sell here in their Asian food section) and I can get mochi. I plan to take a quality cooler with us, plenty of ice and icepacks, so that I can bring some mochi home this time.

        I fell behind on getting the translations of the one Pokemon manga by Hidenori Kusaka (my favorite one), VIZ Media who does it here in the U.S. had caught up to the Japanese releases and were doing these tiny books when "Black/White" started and it was so expensive to get these smaller books, as opposed to a normal manga volume size--then the bookstores around here stopped selling them entirely. I think I should go online to get the finished ones in sets, like B/W and X/Y are done and I think Sun/Moon and B2/W2 may be close to ending if they haven't ended yet. I think the only one I got complete in the smaller book versions was OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire, since it was only 6 of them, but B/W is like 14 or 15, I think X/Y was 12.

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          i'd love to try mochi sometime! it looks nice ^-^ i've tried green tea pocky and surprisingly i liked it :o i'm usually not much a tea person but this was nice and sweet with a very unique taste ^w^ i also had some cookies and cream pocky? i think that's the name though i had 2 and they were similar looking or something. tried one of them, really good! i should try the other ^w^ sadly we don't get pocky in the uk.. we just get something called mikado which you only get in the chocolate flavour and that's it. you americans are lucky tho, at least you peeps have got pocky! i have a question tho, do you know anywhere that sells pocky for a cheaper price? and cheap or free delivery to uk peeps? i get mine on amazon but they're rather pricey.. :< it's a shame cos i love them too, wish they weren't so expensive..

          ohh, i don't speak or read japanese ^-^; i plan to in the future tho! well, once i've mastered my spanish since i've still got alot to learn so it might be a while yet before i know japanese :o i'm not much of a book person but i do love comics and mangas ^w^ i have an adventure time comic, i should get the next issue! i also have spongebob comic crazy take 1 and take 2 and i have spongebob mermaid to measure comics :3 yes i'm a huge spongebob fan X3

          i know i'm not into books much but i have been giving warrior cats another chance, at first i was like meh, i think i just wasn't much in a reading mood. but so far it seems quite interesting, i don't actually have the book but i read it online, sorta like being in a library just to see if i like it or if i don't. if i do end up liking warriors then i might buy the books, so far it seems to be growing on me. at first i wasn't interested and wasn't keen, i think the fans put me off with their mean roleplays :<

          you get these people who say "oh it's a forest rp" or "oh it's a wolf pack rp" but they don't admit it's based on warrior cats D: thankfully most of these "wolf rps" i've been in wasn't so bad but my first roleplay with my first oc Izzy the fox wasn't so fun.. which was why i was put off him for a while, but now that i've completely redesigned him as a revival, i gave him a fresh start and now i'm gonna make sure nobody hurts him no more <:3 he's now a comfort character and imaginary best friend, and his backstory based on what actually happened

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            Mochi is one of those where if you like the filling--you'll probably like it. The popular thing now is "ice cream mochi", which is kinda just mochi with ice cream filling, rather than gel/paste flavoring. The exterior is based in rice (kinda like a chewy biscuit), so it's mostly flavorless (unless you get a more flavorful one). My favorite is probably the pineapple flavored one I had when I went to AnimeExpo in 2015.

            I've seen some people who get subscriptions to those box things, like SakuraCo ships Japanese treats. I'm not sure what they do, if it's just U.S. or in the UK/worldwide though. I don't really do online things much, so I only know about those snack boxes by seeing other people talk about them.

            I know how to read katakana and hiragana, but I don't know many kanji. I know some spoken Japanese from watching a lot of t.v. shows, though. I practice learning some of them by buying like the children's fanbooks for things like Kamen Rider and Ultraman and even some popular anime series that have board books and young readers books. :) Since they're made for children, they'll use a lot more katakana and hiragana (or "furigana subtitling" on kanji).

            The "Warriors" series is still super-popular here, I think. At least the Library I work at, the books go out all the time and the creator is still writing new ones. I know that TokyoPop had done a "manga" series, too and there's numerous books of those. I feel like if someone's doing and RP based on it, they should own up to it--they're probably claiming it's not, because they don't want to be known for reading "a kids book", I guess.

            I'm glad you were able to make some good characters and backgrounds coming out of the RP though! :)

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              ohh i see! that's very interesting :o i should get one of those box things someday once i save up more and once i eat all them candy and snacks to make room for new stuff since i have a huge stash full of yummy munchies X3 i wont rush tho, i'll still treat myself sometimes like i normally do but i wont guzzle em all to make room, though i'd probably eat lots if i knew they were gonna go out of date cos y'know, don't wanna waste or anything.. ^-^;

              that's interesting! yeah i might get some kids spanish books and maybe watch some kids spanish shows to learn and who knows, i might like the show itself too! :D i am a child at heart after all ^w^ all i know is that Dora teaches spanish and possibly Diego? i'm not sure :o i need to discover more spanish kids cartoons and more shows that teach spanish. though in Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, i can understand some of the things Eduardo is saying because he sometimes speaks spanish :3 i loved that show as a kid ^w^ i find Wilt and especially Eduardo is very relatable, but that's probably because i'm apologetic, caring, helpful but at the same time, timid and sweet lol

              i didn't know it was still a huuuge thing in america :o though i have noticed the popularity sorta died down a bit, like alot of people kinda went out of the Warrior Cats Undertale phase. i am quite interested in seeing what Undertale is like tho, my brother and sister really likes the game :o but i don't always have time for gaming so i may not be able to get around playing it. but gosh these things got so annoying where it was super popular and it was literally everywhere ugh! weellll.. i don't mind so much if i've tried and liked it, i mean i've always loved pokemon since gen 4 and when pokemon go became a huge thing, then pokemon itself, i was happy alot of people know about pokemon now ^w^

              cos i remember as a kid, it was hard to find someone who knew about pokemon and loved it just as much as i did.. :< whenever i asked, they would either go "what's a pokemon?" or "i only know the yellow one" it really bummed me out that nobody knew about it, unlike online peeps who were huge fans like i am.. and while i am happy that pokemon's now more known, alot of people seem to be stuck in the first generation of pokemon and some people don't even give the new a chance :< like the new's just as good, infact even better cos the games have improved so much! i knew someone who wouldn't give new a chance and i had to explain that the new pokemon is just like the old, but much more pokemon, much more things to do, much more ways to battle, and is just better y'know? but i'm glad they plan on giving it a chance sometime ^-^ i know some people don't like change but some things are just worth a try! it's good to give things a chance ^w^

              yeah ^w^ i still rp but with my main characters now :3 Cody and Max has been with me since day 1 too and have been my faves ever since ^w^ they're my most developed characters too and probably the funniest! :D Zack and Lavender came later on and became so developed that they also became mains too :3 i love them very much aswell! Zack is actually a second fave now ^w^ he is a sweet cinnamon roll i feel sorry for him ;w; i find him very relatable too!

              i guess that's the reason why i really like timid sweet characters like Fluttershy and Eduardo <:3 i like funny characters especially! i find that's what makes em so likable in the first place X3
              and Lavender's pretty funny and awesome X3 i just love her design, floofy pastel fox ^w^ she can be pretty hilarious too with her pranks and jokes and deliberately annoying the crap outta poor Max XDD my characters are always up to some sorta shenanigans lol they're a funny bunch X3 they're always causing some sorta silly nonsense no matter where they are and who they're with XD

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                Looking at children's books really help you get basics and apply language that you have learned. I only had one semester of Japanese in college (the college I attended would only allow you to take more ONLY if you were enrolled for a business degree for some reason), but that and watching live-action and anime (without subtitles sometimes--it's too easy to get distracted watching subtitles instead of focusing on the speaking) really helped me learn a lot more than the one semester did. I wouldn't say I could go to Japan and speak natively, but I could probably figure out directions and how to ask for directions if I had to. :)

                As for Spanish. I don't know if you can find some, but some anime series are super-popular in like Mexico and South America. I used to have a pen-pal who would always send me video tapes of "Dragonball GT" dubbed in Spanish. But you might be able to find things like that on YouTube nowadays.

                Where I live, the "Warriors" series is still super-popular.........the books are always checked out. There's so many in the series now........along with the authors' other series (Bravelands, Seekers and Survivors) and it takes up like 6 shelves for all her books, but most of the time they're kinda empty! XD "Warriors" is the only one of her series that is still having new books come out for it. The other series of hers seem to be limited. "Seekers" (about bears) is two series and so is "Survivors" (about dogs), but "Bravelands" is the latest and only one series so far--it's set in Africa with African animals.

                Hopefully you'll have a chance to enjoy "Undertale" sometimes. I know some of my friends over at have skeleton monster OCs based on it, so it's still popular with some people. :)

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                  yeah ^w^ even though i don't recognise some of Eduardo's phrases on fhfif, at least i managed to recognise a few and even searched up some of the things i heard clearly but didn't understand :3 some things he commonly says is hola and sí which means hello and yes. he may sometimes call Bloo "Azul" which is basically his name in spanish :3 i called my male meowstic Azul on pokemon shield ^w^ i also called my thievul Zorro which in spanish means male fox/reynard :3

                  i haven't watched dragonball before but i heard it's good! :o i need to check it out sometime :3 i know for sure i did love little witch academia, so magical ^w^ i do love magic stuff like witches and wizards, mages and magicians, stars and bringing bunnies out of hats :3 however i'm not so keen on the dark satanic kind, that's the sorta magic i don't like, it just doesn't feel..magical...unlike the fantasy magic you get which is lovely and magical ^w^ it's why i love that anime aswell as mlp and i really need to see harry potter sometime.. ^-^; no spoilers please!

                  ohh! i have a toyhouse too! :D what's your's? ^-^ i'm called Chi on there cos of my first fursona, i use to be a longhaired chihuahua but now ima kit fox fennec mix :3 i'm still sometimes a chihuahua, just mostly Hazel the fox now :3 Chi is still very special tho!
                  yeah i haven't seen that many undertale ocs these days though i still see alot of warrior cat characters. oh yea and there's still alot of pokemon and mlp characters too which i do like to see cos i love pokemon and mlp ^w^ you don't often see that many spongebob ocs yet that's very popular too :o however i have came across some rare fish characters from spongebob, i love that show too ^-^

                  do you know an oc species i've never seen anyone have? chickens. i must be like the only person who has a chicken oc! though it would be nice to see if anyone else has one! then maybe i wouldn't feel so alone anymore ^-^
                  chicken ocs and chickens in general are underrated, and i mean the birbs not the food, even though chicken is my favourite meat ever ^w^; no wonder i'm a fox eh? XD though i could never eat my friends, and Laura the hen (my oc) be one of them since i'd be friends with all my characters :3
                  even though Max would probably always be angry at me (he's angry at everyone tho) i'm sure he'd still see me as a friend ^w^ he's like best friends with Cody! and he gets mad at his bestie all the time lol XD but despite how annoying Cody is to him, he still likes him and continues to stay friends :3

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                    Well, this is my page: I post more art there than I do here (not just more mature art, but sketches and doodles, too) when they're my own OCs.

                    I have a number of fan-sonas, too. For many of the fandoms I'm into--like Pokemon, MLP (though I'm more classic than modern). My Pokemon fursona/fan-sona, I built a whole universe around her, too--so she has friends and a world and all of that. So, it means I have a lot of Pokemon OCs, too, from her world. I even have Transformers OC's, because that's a fandom I was into as a kid (in the actual 1980's), though not an actual fan-sona. I write Transformers fan-fiction, but I don't create an OC to represent me in that fan-fiction.

                    I've only seen one person who has had a chicken-type fan-sona, they used to be here on this site, but they aren't anymore and their is just a dumping ground anymore, because their page and all their character pages say they're only active and talkative on Twitter. That seems to be a trend for many artists now--they're requesting you contact them or follow them on Twitter. I stay off of the internet most of the time, and I'm happier as a person for not living my life connected like that. I think just a couple of sites is enough for me. :)

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                      oh cool! :D ima sub and authorize ^w^ also same there's alot more art on my toyhouse than everywhere else :3 fanart/giftart, base art, the occasional naughties, ocs made on dressups, stuff like that aswell as my own art including really old art and old designs of some characters :o

                      oh i see! cool ^w^ i think having alot of fursonas is really good if you like to fursuit as something different everytime :D and like with you, it's handy to fit in different universes from different fandoms ^w^ though i think ima stick to Chi and Hazel, Hazel being my main :3 my fursona is usually part of her own universe but she can be part of others too! i need to draw my fursona in different artstyles of my friends and favourite shows ^w^ but yeah if i was my fursona Hazel in my own universe, i'd be half pet and half wild, having multiple homes in multiple places :3 some in the wild and some in a nice cozy home. cos irl i am scared, shy, independent like my fursona's wild side, but i'm also vulnerable, kinda clingy, super duper friendly like my fursona's pet side

                      but yeah i see what you mean ^w^ there's a big difference between fursonas and ocs, though sadly not many people see that and seem to confuse the two and mix em up :< fursonas are basically you as a character, they are like you in many ways. an oc is a separate character that is not you, but you created it still :3 my fursona Hazel has the exact personality as me and is like me in almost every way ^w^ she even has some of my looks irl! except for the scars on my stomach, those sorta came later on.. ^-^; her brown fur represents my brown hair, her floofiness and long ears represents my long hair, and her big blue eyes represents my big blue eyes, though since she's a fox, she doesn't have human eyes lol that would be creepy so no XD i really like talking about characters, i dunno why lol

                      ohh! yeah i've even seen alot of people who often meet their friends on discord. i'm one of those peeps, like almost allll my friends have a discord and i find it easier to talk to them and keep in touch ^w^ ofcourse, they don't have to have a discord, especially if the can't, i just find it's very useful and it means i don't have to hop from site to site to see this friend and see that friend :3
                      yeah i've joined loooaads of sites XD but if i don't like a site then i could always leave, maybe come back later, maybe not :o but yeah i'm on lots of sites as i've been on the internet since when i was a kid and alot of them i left. but then again, i think we're both pretty ancient on the internet right? ^w^

                      deviantart was actually like one of those few sites i actually deleted my account on, this was because i got bullied and hacked :< but trust me you do not want to go there. it's an evil place full of monstrous people who are always fighting and causing drama over literally everything. but yeah i migrated to weasyl after and honestly it was the best choice ever because weasyl here is so nice unlike deviantart where literally everyone throws a tantrum all the time. but yeah it's totally okay if you don't wanna join lots of sites ^w^ just remember to have a few other sites (like toyhouse for example) if you wish to keep in touch with friends, i find it sad losing touch with others :<

                      but yeah i'm one of those people who gets loads of things then picks a few favourites i like from the crowd :3 well, with sites at least, i dunno about everything else XD but yea sites i most commonly use these days is discord, instagram, twitter, toyhouse, vimeo, youtube, furaffinity, and this site here! :D
                      it's good you have other stuff outside the internet tho, i tend to be quite busy with my hobbies, chores, and going places, i'm really hoping i could travel the world someday! i got soo many dreams to follow and i'm working hard towards most of them!

                      • Link

                        Thanks! I did all that, too! :)

                        Yeah........I think that there are a lot of things that people just assume are "the same" when really they're not. A fursona--or "persona" of any fandom--is something to represent "you". An avatar. OC's are just "originally created characters". Most of my various fursonas/fansonas represent an aspect of my Keira-Jo is my determination, Maraschino Cherry is my cheerfulness and Rosemary is my "general shyness". Wabi, despite him being a male character, is the one that most respresents all of my personality traits and that's because he is completely original and a species I created--so, he's a true "fursona". :)

                        I know that a lot of people are becoming more and more unhappy with Deviant Art and it's decisions, but it seems to be a website that--like Fur Affinity--no matter how bad it gets, people don't want to leave and build their popularity and fanbase somewhere else/somewhere new.

                        I'm a happier person with my limited websites, I think. :)

                        • Link

                          thank you too! ^w^
                          very true UwU my bestie does the same thing, she has fursonas that represent parts of her personality :3
                          and although Zack is a very relatable character to me, he's still an oc that isn't me or represents me since there's still some things about him that aren't like me, such as being afraid of water and stealing your cookies lol XD but he is very timid, sweet, and stutters so much like i do lol sometimes i joke about my stuttering when i notice it XDD there was one time i was at work and i tried to say "what do i do?" but it turned into a really fast "waddawaddawaddawaddawadda" lol i still find it hilarious up to this day XDDD

                          yeah alot of people hate the new layout and while i do agree with that too, i've sorta gotten use to it when i changed the colours to their classic green theme. i still occasionally go on there but since i deleted my account, i'm really just a guest who's only really here for the bases now. alot of people left cos of the layout, i actually left years before they changed the layout. i left cos of bullies, drama, theft, hacking, etc. people there are always fighting, and i don't wanna be a part of that. i rather avoid drama as much as i can, and that's what i'm doing, that's what i've always done. at least i can finally be at peace now.. UwU

                          that's totally okay! sometimes it's good to limit yourself on how much you have :3 i like to limit myself on how much fursonas i create, i try not to create too many as usually i like to be one thing at a time and stick to one sona at a time :3 i have a friend who often suggests i should make a pokesona or a ponysona and while i do have some good ideas in mind, i think i'm quite happy sticking with Hazel tbh UwU her species is my favourite animal so i quite like being a cute fluffy fox ^w^ though i chose to be one not just because it's my favourite animal, but because i couldn't decide if i was more catlike or doglike

                          my original fursona Chi is a longhaired chihuahua dog, and Hazel originally started off as a fluffy bobtail cat. but since i've been learning about foxes, i learnt that foxes are canines with catlike features, which is why some people say that foxes are cat software running on dog hardware lol XD i also really love chicken, like it's my favourite meat ever X3 so i think a fox fursona definitely suits me :3

                          • Link

                            No problem. :)

                            I think you do what you feel is right when creating fursonas/fansonas/OCs. I see people who acquire dozens of adopts and turn around and resell them after a couple months, never even drawing them on their own. The few adopts I've received have been via trade (since I don't have PayPal or do things with money online, really) and they're all very precious to me. Since they came from artists I admire greatly and who are my friends.

                            Honestly, if you look at my OCs that I have over at, you'll see that the majority of them are from original stories I've done (maybe a couple are from fan-fics). So, they're "story OCs" and usually are focused when I did the stories. Every once in awhile, I may randomly draw one of my old story characters, just because. :)

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                              oh yeah, i find it confusing why some people would constantly spend £30 each over every adopt, only to list them on their toyhouse and never use them. i've had a few toxic "friends" in the past who would always splash away their money like that on designs and never really use these characters.. no art, stories, rps, whatsoever. it's just there to be on toyhouse, on a list with the rest of the unused characters.. :/ it seems these types of people tend to treat ocs as an action figure collection, only to be displayed and never used. i mean i get it's their choice 'n' all but it just seems like a waste y'know? some of these characters could've gone to better homes to people who actually use these things. and fursuits, oh god fursuits are even worse when it comes to this.. >.< some people buy lots of fursuits for lots of money, never to wear them like they're some "rare collector's item" when they're not. sure they're fancy, expensive, and custom made, but these things are made to be actually used you know..? i mean i get if the fursuit has been used alot and i get if it needs to be retired due to it getting worn out, but a sparkling new freshly made fursuit? i really think it's best to make use of these things!
                              sorry for my slight rant just there, i'm not trying to be bossy or anything, it's just an opinion of mine and just what i think about these things. i have almost 40 characters i'm trying to make use of. i have 4 main ocs i use most, 1 main fursona i also use alot aswell as my first fursona i may sometimes use, i also have a few comfort characters who are also imaginary friends :3 the rest will all be used in stories such as comics, literature, and my future animation show. some will be background characters and others will have more important roles :3 so even if i do have alot of characters, i like to try and make use of em as much as i can ^w^

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                                I feel bad for people who scoop up adopts left and right and then turn around and sell them in a few months because they know they won't use them. I'd rather have a few adopts that I care for, as opposed to a collection of them where I never have time to even draw them.

                                I do have figure collections in real life, I'll admit.........but I rotate out a lot of my figures every few months. XD Like my Transformers, I have two displays for--one is general figures which rotates out often, depending on who I feel like displaying, then I have my Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime display, which doesn't change--but I often get some new figure of the flame-colored mech to add to it! chuckle

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                                  my best friend is making adopts to sell for real money and i wish her luck because she's poor from a poor country so a few pounds is actually alot of money where she lives :o but yeah i've been helping my bestie with design ideas and suggesting what would look cool ^w^ i hope she finds someone (or at least a few peeps) who would happily buy them from her :3 i would even help her advertise! :D

                                  irl figure collections are perfectly fine, i'm talking about more of when people only buy adopts just to display them and never use them, like an action figure collection but it's with oc designs instead.

                                  i got a few figures but i don't really play with them as i prefer to play with plushies instead :3 i got a few mlp figures of Fluttershy, Sunset Shimmer, and Blossomforth :> Blossomforth has these pink see through glittery wings, like those things you get with glitter and water and when you shake it or turn it upside down like a snowglobe it looks pretty ^w^ i don't really play with my figures, but i do like to display them and have them out for decoration :3

                                  but yeah ocs and fursuits are different imo, there's so much more you can do with them so it's good to make use of them when you can ^w^

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                                    It's good for if your fursona/fansona lives in a universe with other similar characters--you don't want them being lonely if you write stories with them, so your stories get filled with OCs to interact with the fursona/fansona. :)

                                    I hope your friend has good luck with adopts! :D

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                                      that's very true ^w^ i also think having lots of ocs is good when you have things like an animation and/or comic series where alot of characters can be background characters, like in the same shops, cafes (possibly even work there) and places in general as the main characters are. or maybe just part of a huge crowd, running away from something dangerous like ohnoes a giant monster! ruuun! XD

                                      lots of ocs is also good if your universe has characters who form gangs/groups/packs ^w^ i have so many fox ocs, so maybe there could be a fox pack/leash? though currently right now i'm thinking there'll be a group of magic users since i have alot of ocs who are either mages or have powers :3 i'm also thinking there could be a small prankster gang since i have a few mischief makers who like to do all sorts of harmless pranks X3

                                      and if you have multiple universes, then lots of character can be good for that too! especially for like separate stories and if you want more than just one main gang of characters ^w^ though i quite like all my characters being in the same universe together. Cody, Max, Lavender, and Zack will always be my #1 characters ^w^ and Hazel, i love being a fox and i plan to be her for a very long time! ^-^ i've had Chi for years, been her for years, but since i rarely use her now, i have a fursona that suits me better and even looks like me! :D Chi will still be loved tho, and occasionally used :3 she is my favourite dog breed, a longhaired chihuahua, and she has my favourite colours pink and yellow too! ^w^ she is blonde and white with a pink scarf and is super adorable and i still like being her sometimes :3

                                      chihuahuas are very underappreciated and deserve more love, people see them as vicious little demons who want to chew your ankles off when really, not all chihuahuas are like that! i've befriended a few chihuahuas, there was this dark brown chi i met once who was longhaired and she allowed me to cuddle her and she really enjoyed the cuddles and was very sweet :3 i also met a smol white patchy chihuahua at a beach once, it came up to me for a cuddle and to say hi and went back to its owners, was a nice wee thing ^w^ my neighbour now has a tan and black chihuahua puppy that really liked playing with me, was hyper and lots of fun X3 you see, most chihuahuas aren't all that bad! ^-^ people need to ignore the stereotype more.. i like to say "never judge a dog by its breed" cos it's true ^w^

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                                        Yep, the more you build out your universe with settings and OCs, the better the stories will be and the more depth your own fursona/fansona will be!

                                        I think all dogs are absolutely lovely, no matter their breed. :)

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                                          i agree with both of what you said ^w^
                                          yeah it doesn't matter what breed they are or how bad their reputation their breed has gotten, dogs can still be lovable and they can still be good natured no matter what breed ^-^

                                          i think dogs like chihuahuas, jack russells, pitbulls, staffies, dobermans, akitas, etc deserve more love since people often see them as "aggressive" and "dangerous" when really, some of them can be quite nice i mean i made friends with a few chihuahuas and owned a few jack russells who were really friendly too :3

                                          i found this little animation to be very sad and sweet, it's about a feisty kitten and a friendly pitbull i thought it was pretty nice and thought you might like it too!

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                                            One of my co-workers has two rescued Pitbulls. She loves them a lot and has lots of pictures of them on her desk. :)

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                                              aww that's nice ^-^