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Took the vaccine and here is my experience. [Second Dose] by MalGV

Ok, time for my (hopefully) last report on taking the vaccine, and man do I got an update. (I plan on making forum posts about this here and on other sites since I think more folks should be informed about this.)

So a few days before I was told by one of my uncles (who does a lot of research into cancer but also is in the medical field in general) and he informed me something very unexpected: if you are young and healthy, you stand a big chance of experiencing harsher symptoms than people who are older and/or have weaker immune symptoms. He explained that this is because if you are younger/healthier, your immune system will fight back harder than older/less healthy people, and that bigger fight back results in bigger symptoms. (This is obviously the opposite of how it normally is: older folks having it worse than younger.)

My parents got their second doses first (Phizer). Their symptoms were light and only consisted of sore shoulders and slight tiredness.

So I'm definitely in the category of Young/Healthy. I got mine about a week later (Moderna). Like before, barely felt the prick (though I'm pretty resistant to outer pain). Felt fine for most of the day only getting sore shoulder towards the end of the day.

That night, things got bad: I barely slept except for maybe an hour, tossed and turned, woke up at around 6:00AM with bad fever and cold sweat. Felt nausea and really thought I'd be sick but as soon as I went to the bathroom I suddenly felt better. Took some Advil and went back to bed. Was only able to sleep for maybe an hour. Next morning I felt like I had the flu: chills, cold, very weak, joints feel weird, headache, and no appetite. Also, very sore shoulder. I proceeded to spend the whole day in bed in the dark due to my bad headache, sleeping through the day. Had to force myself up to eat; really only could eat soup, so I also lost weight. Showered at the end of the day, which I found a hot shower really helps with body heat and helping me feel better. Took Advil PMs and was finally able to sleep the whole night.

The next morning I felt much better but still weak and with a sore shoulder. So overall it took two days for me to recover.

I'm telling y'all this just to offer you guys some guidance should any of you decide to get the vaccine. One thing to note is that everyone is an individual so your symptoms might not be as bad as mine. It mostly comes down to youth and immunity health. I would recommend having Advil/similar and AdvilPM to help you sleep. And lastly, I would recommend talking with your employers about taking a day off, because I definitely had to take off work due to my experience.

I hope this was helpful to you, and good luck to you all!

Took the vaccine and here is my experience. [Second Dose]


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