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Update / Ref Sheets, Reptile Merch, & More! // by TwilightSaint


Update 14APR2021 //

-Reference Sheet Commissions?! Pay over time via Patreon //

-Next Commission Opening / Spring-Summer / YCHs / Icons! //

-Reptile & Furry merch available now! / RedBubble Shop //

-Reptile Metal Bookmarks / Collab! //

-Reference Sheet Commissions?! Pay over time via Patreon //

Looking for a Ref Sheet but want a flexible, easily-organized payment timeline? With my art tiers, there’s plenty of options to pay over time on my Patreon!

I have monthly payment options as low as $10-20 per month all the way up to $50 and $100 – whatever suits your budget and however quickly you want to pay off your Ref Sheet!

Very easy. If/when you pledge, message me to let me know you want to pay over time for a large piece. I can get you a total quote for the piece. Then each monthly payment, I’ll add your payments to my tracker. And during the whole time, I’m more than happy to hash out details and discuss options!

Not interested in a Ref Sheet but still want monthly art, guaranteed? You can also pledge at various tiers to receive Sketches, Icons, and more!

And…all Patrons at the $10 and above are eligible to receive quarterly merchandise as an added perk. <3

-Next Commission Opening / Spring-Summer / YCHs / Icons! //

Regarding upcoming big, public commission queues – I’m planning to have an opening here in a few months, so likely around spring-summer. I’ve been talking about it for a while, and am still planning on opening for Icons then!

Otherwise, I have some YCH sketches in the works that shall be polished up and made available for auction on FurAffinity. (Of course…Patrons have early access to snag these!)

-Reptile & Furry merch available now! / RedBubble Shop //

Oh hell yeah I got A TON more designs uploaded on RB and available for purchase right now! I’ve personally ordered and tested a number of items, and I can vouch for the fast shipping and great quality of everything I’ve received so far.

The shop has a variety of products, including:


-Coffee cups and travel mugs




And it’s all a mix of reptile artwork, (most of which I haven’t posted on here, lol,) masks, fursuit designs, dragons and furries, and all sorts of fun stuff.

And seriously, if you can think of a great pet reptile and even think of a morph…I probably got it available on there. And/or I’m working on it right now and will have it available soon. I’m literally working on and uploading handfuls of fresh designs on a weekly basis, so lots of fun stuff! Thanks for checking it out!

-Reptile Metal Bookmarks / Collab! //

And more on the reptile art front! I’ve been collaborating with DaSueDragon to make an ‘Anatomy of…’ metal bookmark series! I do the artwork, and DaSueDragon prints it on stunning metal! They’re so shiny and beautiful in person!

The designs are available on DaSueDragon’s Etsy shop! And she has a TON more awesome products available too, including leather works! From bags, bracelets, to full armor pieces! Send her some love!

Wash your hands, wear your mask, and get your vaccination!

Questions, comments, concerns? Note me.

Two-Block, FOXTROT!


Update / Ref Sheets, Reptile Merch, & More! //


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