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Took the vaccine and here is my experience. by MalGV

I'm back with a rare journal entry!

So I received the COVID-19 vaccine and here are my symptoms/experience: the facility I went to was very well organized and everyone there was super helpful in getting everyone where they had to go and keeping us all safe. I felt very little if any pain from the actual shot (though I'm rather pain-resistant to that), it was very quick; slight numbness a few minutes afterwards, waited in the waiting area for 15 minutes in case I had any bad reactions, had none, went home; later, shoulder got real sore so I took Advil PM before bed, was able to sleep alright; next day, shoulder was more sore so I took more Advil and rested for the day; today it's getting better but I still can't lift my arm, so it's gonna be another day before I'm back to normal. So all in all I had a very good experience!

There are three vaccines; my parents got Phizer and I got Moderna.

I have another shot scheduled in a few days after this one and then I'll be good. Hope this helps anyone out there looking to get the vaccine!

Took the vaccine and here is my experience.


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    I plan on making a video on my vaccine experience too! Strangely the first pfizer vaccine I got gave me more trouble than the second one. Bad pain in my arm for the first shot, but much less pain after the second one. I guess I got used to the soreness when I got the second vaccine. But neither one gave me other severe side effects like chills or a fever. I can link my video later when it's finished.

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      Thanks for the information! Hmm, that's interesting because I was always told that the second shot would be worst than the first, though like you said it can depend on an individual's pain tolerance and the body getting used to the injections. I was also informed today from my uncle that the second is harder on those who are younger and have a stronger immune system; this is strange because you would think the opposite was true and it usually is. I'm pretty young myself and have always been really healthy but I'm not that worried about the second dose to be honest.

      My parents just went for their second dose from Phizer, so I'll have updates on theirs as well as my own later after I get mine. Thanks for your feedback, and sure you can link the video, I'm sure that will help others through this process too. :)