New Road Rovers Team by Mirumoto_Kenjiro

Had another crazy idea, and created another Road Rovers group for my future stories and artwork. I don't have a special name for them yet, but their commonality is that they're all sighthound breeds, they have digitigrade legs instead of the plantigrade like other Rovers, and they all share powers of super sight & super speed with varying degrees, and varying other special perks. Their main backstory is that they co-manage an orphanage near a secluded monastery. The team consists of:

Axle the Greyhound
Laika the Borzoi
Don Quixote the Galgo
Squire Guinefort the Scottish Deerhound
Torque the Irish Wolfhound
Shaheena the Saluki
Aayaan the Rajapayalam

Eventually I'll have a lot more backstory for each of them as I progress.

Current Projects
Artwork – Terrea world-building
Writing - Unknown
Games – XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, Dauntless, World of Warships, SecondLife
Books – Heirloom seed catalogs
TV – Ned's Newt
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New Road Rovers Team


22 February 2021 at 02:08:40 MST

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