just what everyone wants, more of my talking by derFisch

I've mentioned before that I'm way more active on twitter! but if you know twitter, you know that the posts are really dang small, so if I have more to say, it's really hard! I either need to pare it down a lot, or make a big hard-to-read twitter thread. I could use my journals on art websites, but I feel like they're not particularly well suited to the sort of writing I like to do

so! I've cleaned up my tumblr, and now my big long journals go there. I've already talked about a few things that have been rattling around in my head, and I think you should go give it a read if you can. if you have a tumblr account you can follow me that way, or you can subscribe to the rss feed via your rss reader (people use those still, right? just me?) https://derfisch.tumblr.com

anything I need to say related to this site will probably be posted here still! I just like having a nice full-featured text editor, and a proper blog format to post my more general ramblings

just what everyone wants, more of my talking


22 February 2021 at 00:14:49 MST

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