Alright. I need some serious help. by EmpressRising

I'll try to make this short and easy to read.

The past few weeks have been completely detrimental on both my mental state and my financial state. I've had countless surprise bills pop up - mostly car repair bills and old medical bills, but a few others - and it's just catching up to me. I'm so tired.

I have a full time job, and am a full time college student set to graduate in May. I'm trying hard to catch up and do what I'm supposed to. I take all the overtime I can, and am even looking to get a second job, or at least an internship. Anything.
My current job, without being too in depth, is honestly becoming dangerous. I work in a jail-like environment where the risk of harm is growing as we become short staffed, so I'll work my overtime but anything that can help me work less and not risk my safety is a plus.

I need to get caught up. I'm selling some collectibles I have, among other things, but most importantly I am going to boost commissions.

In short, here is my portfolio and prices, which are all discounted:
(Prices in short are:
Icons - $25 base, +$10 complicated design, +$10 complicated background
Busts - $40 base, +$10 complicated design, +$10 complicated background
Full bodies - $60 base, +$15 complicated design, +$15 complicated background
Banners - $60 base, +$15 complicated design, +$15 complicated background
Customs - $25 - $50
Pet portraits - $25 base, $10 background)

Here are some adoptables I've made, which are all discounted to $20, except for Cold Cat being $50:

More adopts on the way for similar prices.

I have a bunch of cheap designs for sale on ToyHouse:

Lastly, though please note I am happily willing to work for anything, here are my Patreon and Ko-fi accounts:

Any form of sharing helps greatly. I just need help and I'm willing to work as much as I can for it. Please don't feel obligated to help, though, as I know we're all struggling currently.

Thank you for your time.

(I want to note I had a very generous donor a few weeks ago donate a large sum that has helped me greatly. Thank you so much. It was of great help.)

Alright. I need some serious help.


21 February 2021 at 20:33:13 MST

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