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Why do you art? by Hazel3

Since I'm pretty lonely today, lets discuss why we like to create artwork!
I create art mainly just for fun :3 It's my favourite hobby, and always has been! ^-^ Art allows me to unleash my creativity, and allows me to express myself

I also really like creating characters! I reeeally like my ocs, especially my main ones ^w^ I enjoy drawing them for fun but I also hope to create a comic and animation show of them in the future! I've always wanted to have my own series, and have dreamed of it since when I was a kid! I think it'll be really fun to create :D I hope to animate more so I can create my own cartoonime in the future!
I still kinda need voice actors for it tho, cos even though I'm already a voice actress, I'm not good with some voices especially male voices. I am however good at other voices too and can make really funny ones! :D Yes I also dance and voice act for fun ^-^

While I do create for fun and enjoyment, I also hope everyone enjoys my works as much as I do, and hopefully be noticed and loved for all my hard work. It does sound like a nice thing to have, to have lots of fans supporting and cheering you on, but that's not the reason why I art. I mainly do it because it's my most favourite hobby ever :> Even though it's alot of hard work, and I put alot of time and effort into making things, it's still really fun and quite comforting! Also I just love my characters so so much, they are my children and I love em >w<

So what's your reason for creating art? Perhaps it's to be good at something, an enjoyable hobby, or it's maybe even your job. Either way, I'm interested in knowing! Thank you for taking your time to read and answer :3

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

Why do you art?



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    I do art because it makes me happy and motivated, I love every one of my OCs :D

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      same here! ^-^

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    For fun and I like trying new art materials when I do new things. I like trying new art materials to tell others about them. Sharing art and art materials, all that, makes me happy. :)

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      that's really good! :D it's always good to try out new things ^-^

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        I think so, too! :)

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    I honestly have no clue why. Whenever I make digital art, though, I just have a lot of fun and it initially makes me happier and puts me in a better mood. Like I said, I can't pinpoint why exactly, but I just... Like it, I guess, ahaha

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      well as long as you enjoy it then that's what's important ^w^ art is a fun hobby to have! :D