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gonna start making posts here again! by TattaDoodles

yeah I uh.... I'm much more active on telegram art chat as of late...cough cough... but I'm still doing a ton or art

and that basically means I have TONS of stuff to post but I um.... yeah I forget...

and now I'm trying to get a website up so I need to make these accounts (DA, FA, and weasyl) more active...

so ART INCOMING!! (starting around 5PM CST) but I have it spaced out, and after this big post I'll try to upload 2-3 pieces every sunday

... also if anyone is curious how I've been,.....

I haven't caught the corona (yet)

been working at hobby lobby still (going on 12-13 years now)

trying to expand my home business with a website (will show it here when it's ready)

I had a foot injury last year, and I'm having surgery for it next month

oh yeah I started getting into the monster hunter franchise (generations ultimate, monster hunter world, and soon monster hunter rise are the 3 games I play) so that's a thing....

gonna start making posts here again!


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