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Dear Friends,

So the changes to this profile are going forward, as many of you already know I've changed my username to BlueBellBusCo. as a response to the bus company Omni and Met founded after they were married and this profile will be dedicated to that.

My TheLokieRoo pictures which I've posted a while ago before I ended up losing access to this account which I've obviously been able to get back will continue to be up to remind my friends who I am but here I've gone from trains to buses.

New characters who will be exclusive to this profile will soon be introduced including the rest of Omni's family. The staff of the bus company will often have bus related names and while I like to take a fairytale stance in the furry fandom this profile will really take it that way. Omni's grandmother "Chloe" for example is that old woman who lives in a shoe and has her entire family with her including Omni's sister and husband.

I'll likely be drawing some more pictures regarding this soon but they will no longer be placed on my profile on Furaffinity. That remains with the content of Bartleby Lokieroo.

Various Mother Goose figures will also likely make appearances such as Peter Pumpkineater. I'm still yet to figure out what these characters should be like though.

Much of what goes on is inspired by the English comedy show "On the Buses" and one could say this is that with a furry twist but it uses American buses such as Flxibles rather than Scottish double decker buses.

So there's the fore coming changes that will happen in this profile. I do hope you enjoy the new content that will come and I'm already thinking of new ideas to go. So have a good day and may God protect you all.


Now BlueBellBusCo.


6 January 2021 at 04:16:17 MST

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