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2021 Live Streaming Schedule! (and other updates) by TitusW


Happy new year to you all! (Trying to stay optimistic here haha)
Making a journal to start of 2021, and have a few things I want to cover!

Live Streaming Schedule:

I’ve mentioned this before in a few posts, but this year I’m going to try my best to maintain a consistent live streaming schedule! Streaming has by far been the most successful approach to being productive I have tried, and I really want it to become a permanent thing. Especially now that I have moved and things are much more stable around here going into 2021, I think it’s worth a shot XD

So here is the streaming schedule I’m aiming for:

Eastern Time (UTC -5)

Monday to Friday: 1pm-7pm (sometimes will go past 7pm)
Saturday: 2pm-7pm; then later at 10pm-2am

Focus of my art production in 2021:

In 2020 I wasn’t very productive, but it has made me realize what really interests me when it comes to making art. Thankfully I currently have the freedom to choose what I focus on in 2021, and my main art focuses will be:

- Commissions
- Personal Comic Pages
- Personal Sketches

I’ll go into these 3 in more detail:


I’ve started working on commissions a bit faster. I still have quite a few people waiting in my commissions queue, and I keep adding more haha. (I apologize if you filled out the form on my site and I have yet to email you, I’ve been too anxious and busy to add more to my queue for many months.) About 20 people are waiting right now, which for me is a ton.

This year, along with streaming, I’ll be aiming to complete one medium sized commission or so every week.

I’ll also be trying to keep my public Trello board updated more often with the status of my commissions and what I’m working on. You can find that here -

If you are interested in commissions and would like to be added to my queue, you can find more information at my website here -

Comic Pages:

No, my Taria prologue comic isn’t dead :P I promised I will finish it, and I will haha. It’s just been put on the back burner for a while as I dealt with other stuff. But just this week I went back and fixed a lot of the dialogue and planning issues I was putting off, and am ready to resume work on it (already have).

I plan on working on the comic on stream pretty much daily. My ultimate goal has been to post one page a week, and if I stream it then that is certainly possible haha. But I have never been able to do so, so no promises lol. But new pages will be coming soon!

Reminder that the current comic is a 32 page Prologue. An introduction to the characters of sorts, and a test run before I consider moving on to a full length graphic novel (that will be webcomic format too). So the story in this short one is nothing amazing, but I hope it will still be an enjoyable read with good art XD

Side note: A few months ago I rebuilt the comic’s website using an open-source static site thingy meant for wikis/notes. (TiddlyWiki) But I have found it works quite well for my webcomic and was able to adapt it for my use! The comic site is not really finished yet (I’m actually waiting for some features to be implemented by the developers into the source code before I’d call my site “done”), but you can view it here! -


I don’t plan on streaming these personal sketches most of the time. I’d prefer to do them in my free time after streams ^^ They tend to be quite spontaneous as I doodle other random sketches, and I don’t want to lose that freedom XD

I’d like to post one of these a week as well, as they only take a few hours to make. These will be similar to the ones like these that I have already posted:
But they will continue to be experimental in nature. For example, I have been trying out a new shading technique that I will likely implement in future sketches ^^ I also have a few very NSFW ones that I have planned XD I absolutely love working on this style of sketches, and will make a lot more this year! (I’ll also continue to offer them as commissions!)

Wrap Up:

Really hoping this year goes better for everyone! ^^ I’m pretty sure once we get through the winter here at least, things will improve :)

Kinda giving myself an ultimatum here, but if I can’t do what I described in this journal this year… I’ll probably be looking for a different line of work by next new years day lol. My work amount has to get a TON more consistent. But fingers crossed that if I can stream regularly, and maintain a good healthy pace, I’ll be drawing for many years to come :)

Thanks for reading! Happy 2021 ^^

2021 Live Streaming Schedule! (and other updates)


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