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Hello! First journal I've written in SEVERAL years, but it's worth doing it right now.
First and foremost, happy new year. May this one be better, hopefully.

Now, to the subject at hand:

On every submission I've posted in the last 2 or so weeks, maybe a tad more, I've written "Please do not repost". By this I mostly refer to posting on another place and claiming it as your own.

What does this mean?
This means that I fully consent to having my drawings on places like e621 for the sake of preservation and having a certain public that would be happy to see them. All I ask is to have my name attached to the pieces, and not edited in any way.

Why does e621 deserve the specific mention: It is by large one of the most visited places. And I, despite not agreeing a 100%, do have to admit their tagging system is efficient. So efficient I that I myself can't do it. There are people way better suited to post onto e621 with the relevant tags.

I hope this clears any confusion! :)

You can find me on the following sites:

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3 January 2021 at 16:41:18 MST

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