H the Shadow Book II begins... by TigerTorakio

Happy New Year!

Yes, 2020, wasn't great. And I'm certainly hoping for a better 2021. But there have been plenty of loser years before. And some good things happened in 2020.

In personal literary terms:

On the one hand, I had just a single poem published and felt pretty depressed at how devoid of imagination and closed off to anything outside the bland mainstream the poetry publishing world is.

On the other hand, I finished a new book manuscript, began a new series of poems, absorbed lots of things (books, music, etc.) to refuel my own imagination, and laid the groundwork for more erasures.

Onward to H the Shadow:

For Book II, titled The Book of M, I'll be trying new things, visually and linguistically. This is the story of Maug now. But are we in the same time continuum, or a parallel world? Not even I know!

H the Shadow Book II begins...


1 January 2021 at 11:24:05 MST

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    Wishing you the very best, man

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      Thank you! You, too. I hope 2021 treats you well. I'm glad to see another of your improvisational ink sketch pieces. I love them.

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        Haha, well it was a pretty rough start on my end, but I must admit that struggle has always brought me the boldest fire when I want to create haha. And thank you very much, I hope I can bring you new interesting pieces for you!