Changes could be coming to this profile. by BluebellBusCo.

Dear Friends,

I haven't posted anything on my Weasyl profile for a long time but I'm so behind on posting artwork here and I'm not going to post any of that because I have a new laptop and my old one which most of my pictures are on is no longer functioning right which I why I ended up with a new one and I feel like trying to make up for the artwork I haven't posted here would be a lot of work since I have so bloody much of it.

That being said I might dedicate this profile to a new OC, one whom I haven't used for a while. I'm thinking Omni Vixen and that could start with a picture of her getting married to Met and he moves in with Omni's family. It will be a new series of pictures known as "Coming Around the Mountain" albeit to a famous song. It'll be focused on buses rather than trains. There will even be some new characters. All that will be coming around the mountain probably after Christmas which is just about here.

Met and Omni Metro start their own bus company called "Bluebell Buses" and live with Omni's grandmother (Chloe Bussen) and her gothic sister (Lois Bussen) characters on the bus company like Omni and Met will have bus related names.

So that's the news on what might be coming up here and I honestly don't thing I have anymore to say and with that I big you a merry Christmas and a happy new year and may God protect you all.


Changes could be coming to this profile.


24 December 2020 at 04:31:23 MST

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