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Blessed Yule and Merry Christmas~ by NightWolf714

Damn, where did December go?! O.O

So work had been kicking my ass lately. Like, seriously. I wasn't sick, thankfully, but was getting burnt out pretty badly there for a bit. A lot of my coworkers are either sick or burnt out at this point. But then this weekend helped out a ton. Heard about the INSANE anime lineup for winter. (Don't tease too much, living for small things in life is still living for something.) I'm so excited about getting TWO Cells at Work series along with all the other things coming out. Got to spend time with my chosen family. And now it's holiday time. All in all, I feel I've recovered a bit.

Yule was pretty peaceful here. I had planned on baking some, but I forgot lol. I did cook up a recipe a coworker told me about for some yummy (and super easy) chicken. :D Lit a fancy woodwick candle to stand in for a yule log and took a nice, relaxing bath. And played on my phone games a bit, of course.

Christmas is around the corner. I'll be working Christmas eve, but hoping to celebrate it a little at work. Maybe I'll wear a set of antlers for it. XD Off Christmas day, though. Will probably be spent actually wrapping up gifts since we kinda forgot that part. ^_^;;;; Then Saturday with the in-laws and Sunday with my chosen family.

It's a bit of a whirlwind but a good one this week as compared to the chaos of last week.

Oh, and wishlist. I don't really have much of a wishlist, lol, but I know everyone is posting theirs. I like art, though. Even little doodles of my babies. Or more characters, lol. But just a comment or fav here or there makes me incredibly happy to be honest. :)

So happy holidays everyone~

Blessed Yule and Merry Christmas~


22 December 2020 at 15:50:45 MST

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