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Commissions are open! This form be open until the end of this month, (November 30th) however you can pay between anytime at December! All unpaid commissions on this sheet will be deleted before the first of the month. (December 31st) This may be a little while since I'll open these types of commissions for awhile, since I want to work on personal art, which includes my comics and stuff. I may open YCHs in the future so I can earn a bit of money for subscriptions I currently have on some things. I am willing to take Christmas Commissions where commissions is a gift for other people, and I will post it on Christmas Day. If you want to do that, please mention that on "Other Information!"

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I want to see if I can get enough money to get my mom a new puppy for Christmas due to one of our dogs passed a way recently!

Commissions Open!


25 November 2020 at 14:43:25 MST

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