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Moving Time is Stressful Time (But Going Well) by ChocolateKitsune

Hello everyone! Just wanted to write another quick, once-in-a-while journal to fill in the gap in activity. I'm still around! I'm just a little preoccupied with life stuff right now.

If you saw, about two weeks ago I held a series of special streams to celebrate the three-plus years I spent creating content at my studio before I pack up shop to move in together with my partner. We found a great opportunity to live together and I'm currently neck deep in getting everything ready for that. It's turned out to be a little more involved and tiring than I expected; just making sure I don't forget anything along the way. I really want it to go well, but I've been losing myself in recreation a lot more to compensate.

That having been said, most things are moving along very, very smoothly! I'm getting very excited to see it through, and make use of the new venue for hosting plenty more streams and making kinky content. I'm working hard so that I can get back into things as soon and easily as possible.

I have a fair bit of content lined up for upload, but even that is its own creative process since I like to add flavour text to everything I post for you guys. It's unfortunately gotten a little held up as a result.

That's about it! Really just wanted to check in with everybody who might not be subscribed to my other more active channels, and let you know that I'm still going at it despite my lack of uploads as of late. Thanks for your continued support, love you all!

Moving Time is Stressful Time (But Going Well)


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