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This Week - Drop then Fun by NightWolf714

Hi all! Hope you're doing well out there~

So you may or may not have noticed a lack of upload over the weekend. Well then! Let me tell you about this week. :D

Weekend was rough, not gonna lie. I ran out of one of my medications after my Wednesday dose and since I had a doctor's appointment on Monday they decided not to approve a refill for me. It wasn't until Sunday I realized I could have asked for an emergency supply so I kinda ended up dropping cold turkey on my anxiety medications. I was kinda proud, though, in a sense. I handled the drop much better than I would have previously. I mean, I was irritable and ugly crying and such. But my attitude and attempts to accept where I was in the present moment was better than ... really, any time I can remember. So yay, confirmation that my therapy from last year for depression and anxiety was worth it. :D

But y'all. Y'all. The mate deserves so much praise for surviving and supporting me through that. Like seriously. Y'all should go to his page Norvilion Norvilion and tell him thank you. XD

But got my prescription refilled on Monday and that helps a ton. I also asked my doctor for some blood work because I've been pretty consistently exhausted despite trying to sleep super long and getting at least 2 cups a coffee a day. I was afraid it was just working nights and I was desperately hoping I didn't "hit the wall" yet because I love it.

Yeaaaaah, turns out I may be just a teeny tiny bit anemic. But more importantly, my B-12 levels were, like, half what they should be. Whoops~ Common side effect of a surgery I had years ago. Means I grab some supplements and I'm good. I also went ahead and grabbed a couple of 5-hour energy shots since those things are packed with B-vitamins. XD

Between getting back on my medications and the B-12, I'm feeling energetic and back to being more, well, me. ^_^ I can't express here how much that makes me happy.

And! And and and! I've been off work voluntarily for a little bit. We've got a (chosen) family trip coming up. Everyone but me works from home and well, any time I go in I'm at constant Covid risk so I offered to semi-quarantine for a bit. Now I get a long weekend vacation with my crew! This is the first time we've done this sort of thing so I'm super excited about it! -Excited tail wags-

So I'll be back later. May or may not get a weekend submission done but I'll try for one on Friday or Saturday maybe? We'll have to see.

Lesson of the day: Don't quit your meds cold turkey. Talk to your doctor first and see if you need to gradually decrease first. XP

This Week - Drop then Fun


11 November 2020 at 09:17:31 MST

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