I'm on my Holiday! by BluebellBusCo.

Dear Friends,

I'm on my holiday and I've done so much already but at last we've come to a caravan park that has Wi-Fi and so this means I finally have a chance to communicate with all of you.

Anyway I'm currently in Casron City just south from Reno Nevada USA and we're off North homeward bound. This holiday has been great so far I got to see the site of the Golden Spike where the 2 railways joined and united the east and west. That happened during the Victorian times and I even took some pictures of it.

This trip has been great so far but it would've been better if COVID-19 hadn't come around and we wouldn't be in a pandemic.

So I hope everyone else is having a good time as well even when they must stay at home but I'm certainly doing fine but as far as travelling during a pandemic goes nothing is certain. To be honest I'd rather be at home right now. I pray for my friends and family every time I can and I thank God every day for keeping me and my family and friends free from this virus.

I just hope I'll be able to come home safely.


I'm on my Holiday!


8 October 2020 at 23:43:51 MDT

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