Sorry for the Inactiveness by BluebellBusCo.

Dear Friends,

Sorry I've been so inactive here lately but for a while I lost my password to this profile and I haven't been back ever since. I'm actually thinking about shutting down this profile since I've never really done much here but I have plenty of artwork to go around on both Furaffinity and on DeviantArt. I also occasionally livestream on Youtube.

Also on the 3rd of this month I'll be leaving to go on a 9 day trip to Arizona and to the Grand Canyon. On the way back I'll even be going to Promontory in Utah to the Golden Spike site where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railways joined. I know my mother is looking forward to this trip since she always wanted to see the Grand Canyon but it's too bad we won't be riding on the Grand Canyon Railway anyway I'll see if I can find any wifi spots where I can stay in contact with all of you and maybe even post a picture from Trainz A New Era or so.

In other news BobLupo has left Furiffic because he's been quite inactive there lately and so have I and I've cleared my profile there a month ago from all the bad content to Trainz content focusing purely on my character Alicia Vapora but the Great Southwestern Railway is taking so long to complete and I'm kind of out of ideas for it not to mention that I'm a bit inactive of Furiffic as well. I often wonder should I follow on with
BobLupo or just keep it around?

Back to the subject on my holiday I know this COVID-19 pandemic is still going around and I just hope and pray that we'll all be alright and we'll do our best to stay as safe as possible but of course nothing's certain.

So with no further adieu I this is Bartleby Lokieroo saying keep you steam up and see you later!


Sorry for the Inactiveness


1 October 2020 at 04:10:01 MDT

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