CozyCon has been great yet again and my next review :3 by ShawnSkunk

just like last time earlier this year, CozyCon for the second time this year has been a blast ^^
during my time on the CozyCon server I've been trying to promote my AutoSkunk review series in hopes to attract more viewers and I certainly it works out too
speaking of which?, Skunktember is almost over which it's time for me to announce my review here it is
next month being the month of Halloween, I'll be doing review on a ghost track...whooooooohohohohohohohoooo
but not just any ghost track this one is none other than the legendary North Wilkesboro Speedway, what makes this track legendary?, why is it abandoned if it is famous?, and why people are clamoring to save it and re-open it?, well you'll just have to read the review when I write and upload it, that's gonna be next month's review for October, coming to close to the season closer :3

CozyCon has been great yet again and my next review :3


21 September 2020 at 21:25:21 MDT

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