resuming my AutoSkunk review series by ShawnSkunk

well, my new wifi adapter seems to be working more properly now, it's not disconnecting as much as it was when I got it.
so I'll be continuing season two of my series which means (though late now) I'll be working on the next review, so here's what's next

way back in June 2020 in Talladega, Alabama at the Talladega Superspeedway, an incident occurred that created quite a stir in the media.
a garage door pull in Bubba Wallace's garage that was tied in the fashion of a noose, this discovery stirred up quite a controversial storm of hysteria and anger among the Nascar community, I will be doing a quick review on this controversy and giving my own thoughts or opinions on this subject, was it really an intentional racial hate crime against Bubba Wallace?, or did he and Nascar just simply over-reacted and blew this up out of proportion.
the answer and what I discovered doing my own investigation into this may puzzle you or more or less shock you, that will be my next review.

resuming my AutoSkunk review series


9 September 2020 at 20:11:13 MDT

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