A bit about me... by AgileFoxen

I feel as though people dont really know me for who I really am, or just assume they do by steriotyping. I would like to post this just to try to let people know who I am behind the orange fur...

Im not an extremely sexual person. Im not saying I dont like sex, Im just saying that its nit the only thing I ever have on my mind. People assume cause Im a fox that every thought in my head is filthy and perverted. Id like to believe Im a very well mannered person and will only talk about sexual things with someone if they bring it up or if I know them very well.

Although I look happy and aproachable on the outside, Im actually very shy. Im affarid of making a bad first impression. I also assume that people dont like me, even if they tell me that it is not the case. I aslo feel as though people dont have the time for me and even now dont think I'll get more than a couple of people that will read this.

When i draw, i need reasurance that it is good bceause I cant keeo myself from comparing myself to the much better artists. I know that they worked hard to get where they are but i cant help bepjt feel some envie...

Well i guess thats enough for now...

A bit about me...


31 July 2013 at 02:57:41 MDT

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