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A Greeting, and a Mass Upload by Tarri

Hi, I'm Tarri.
I'm fluffy. Except when I'm not fluffy.
Depends on the universe. :P
(Example: Fursona: Fluffy. Dragonsona: Not fluffy.) :3

I'm am spreading my paws/claws/tendrils(?) outwards, now that I have gained OMNISUBMISSION POWERS (Postybirb), which enables me to have the time to post to more than just a few places (because time constraints).
If you are reading this, then this site is included in a place that needs some art pieces added.

What you will see for the next while is a mass submission of art which already exists in places like DA, FA, etc. I won't be uploading ALL of my art, as that would be ridiculously tiring (because there are literally hundreds), so I have hand-picked an assortment of pieces from the past four or so years, and starting from the bottom. :3

Most of what I have selected should be fine for everywhere, however some pieces, for example, anything inclusive of nudity or generally specific themed content, may not appear in some of these places (depending on the general destination site).
Further, I will not be uploading my comics, again, for time constraints.
But I will provide links, and start uploading them once the mass uploading is done.
You will know when it is done when I suddenly have a slow-down rate, lol.

Anyway, hi. I am here to rule your world with an iron fist. >:3

A Greeting, and a Mass Upload


14 August 2020 at 18:55:28 MDT

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    X3 awesome

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      Oh not you again! xD

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        XD yea hi this is actually roninhunt0987 but under a different username

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          I got that already - jeez, you're literally everywhere :P

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            Eh kinda