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Tips for gaining more followers/favorites? by Hooded-Cavy

I know followers and all that shouldn't matter but it would still be nice to get more than 3 favorites on a submission so...

Anyone got any tips for how to increase followers/favorites/views/etc? What kind of content do people want to see and how often? Fanart or original stuff? More finished and fully rendered pieces or more studies and concept art? Please share your thoughts!

Tips for gaining more followers/favorites?


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    Wouldn't the expected amount of likes be 0.45% of what you get on DA? Maybe the much longer exposure helps a lot to keep the number of likes from not being that grim .. so I would say that 3 on this page is pretty good?

    I never really know what I want .. crispy pixels? .. eggs? .. face melting cuteness?

    Fanart would ofc hook some, but some artists don't like using effective bait to get likes that way ..

    Sometimes I do like a sheet full of character doodles .. hm .. well .. I don't get any wiser xD

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    If you are asking about weasyl There is such a small user base here, 3 likes is actually pretty good. The only real way it would improve drastically is Weasyl gaining a large amount of active users, but this site lacks word of mouth that it exists.

    If you are talking about in general: Comment and interact with other people's works and comments. Just posting art you make only goes so far. If you want to create a community around you and your work, you need to put effort into making it into an active community. If someone comments on your work, try to at least thank them or if its something that can start a conversation, take the time to do so. If they weren't a watcher, they might become one. Don't just stand by your own art either. if you find art you like, comment why you liked that person's art as well. People sometimes click on Icons because they look neat, and your icon or character being seen around often might lead them to your profile. Commenting on others' also helps show others you are creating an active community around yourself.

    Creating prompts that could get people talking via your art or journals is also good. Talk about your art in the description that could lead to others responding to the description. Create random conversation journals because people like to talk about random things and break up the monotonous "commissions open" ads people usually only put out.

    On Content: Keep in mind that content like Fanart and nsfw themes are easier to search than original, sfw content because they are more well known. People search Pikachu because they know pikachu, but to find your OC art they either have to already know of your OC or magically find it when searching [species] or the few seconds on front page. It is good to do both Fanart and original content because the fanart can pull in new people, and original content can showcase what you have and flexibility to current people.

    Just Remember, what you post up is what you get in return from your community. If you post foot fetish art, and you hate foot fetish art, your going to grow a foot fetish community around yourself and hate it. I've seen this specific thing happen, and I just "Well of course your watchers want more foot fetish content, you keep posting foot fetish stuff." Post what YOU like and eventually you will grow a community around those things you enjoy. Don't try to cater to a certain community or you will get burnt out and hate art. Create your community around you because people watch you for the content you create.

    Also post up everything ya make. Even sketches. People like art and feeding their eyeballs, so keep posting to reach new eyeballs. (Also Comics are pretty good at reaching new people and retaining people. Gives them something to stick around for, even if its a simple B/W comic you post on occasion about your cats)

    Myself, I like feral and monster art so I watch feral and monster artists. I also like gore and pixelart, so I watch gore and pixel themed artists. "This is cute, I want more cute" and "This is cool, I want more cool" are reasons I watch people for art, but also 'I like this OC, I want to see more of this OC" is one that comes up often as well.