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Reminder: my commissions are open! by Jeamesero

A reminder that my commissons are still open and will stay open!
Currently I'm working on tons of commission sheets but so far my commissions are fully open based on the commission sheets I've uploaded.

If you want a chibi drawing, an icon, a cinematic drawing or a regular art piece, please note me, or send me an email.

I'm in a tough spot right now since I'm jobless and I have to pay my college fees as well as food and other stuff all by myself and it's kind of getting to me.

Please look at my Weebly site for prices, available commissions, the forms and more info:
You can also find my current money goals on my Weebly in the section ''Goals'', so you will know what I'm trying to achieve. I will update this whenever I reach a goal or get another goal to add to my list.

Or you can look in my gallery for my commission sheets and examples.

Please help me out if you can, I appreciate any help! <333

Reminder: my commissions are open!


14 July 2020 at 12:25:14 MDT

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