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Fun Stuff for Followers by Chaaya.Chandra

I always feel a little like I'm shouting in an empty room, but I know there are a few out there that might be interested in this, the only question is: Will they respond in time?

I got the draft layout on Fugitive's Trust just now along with an email saying that we can add between five and fifteen pages without having to redo the cover. The publisher is wanting to print answers to questions readers might have about the books. For example, "Do vykati keep dogs as pets?" or "What exactly does a National Alpha do?"

The book gets put in for a test run on Monday (20 July 2020), so you have until then. I won't take having no questions personally, so don't feel obligated to come up with something. There's no guarentee it'll be printed, but if you want your fursona name or first name and last initial printed with it, let me know as well. It's kinda cool when I can say, "Lady Sajani wanted to know..." instead of "Multiple people asked..."

It can be from The Wolf's Pawn, Faux Scent, or Fugitive's Trust. It can't be from the spoiler I posted on FA for the next Sajani's Tail book. You have to suffer on that one.

Also, if you've read the book and want to give a quick review of it, that might be cool too, though, I'll admit, I haven't asked if the publisher wanted that or not.

Fun Stuff for Followers


10 July 2020 at 12:54:49 MDT

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