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Slightly Under Protest by Chaaya.Chandra

Contracts and Writing

RP Games is run by someone that's paid close attention to different ways authors can be messed over by publishers and it shows in positive ways. I wasn't allowed to simply sign a contract. I had to show I'd read each clause by giving a summary of it, in writing (in part because that's how ALL my correspondence was at the time, but it worked to his advantage). There are areas that I am allowed to discuss (like how my pen name works) and things that I'm not allowed to discuss (like how much I get paid). Funny side note. He's let the word rate slip publicly or so his wife tells me. I'm allowed to discuss what I feel about the pay, but I'm not allowed to discuss specifics.

That said, there's the clause that talks about publicizing my books. Pretty much, what I do socially, is all up to me. If I decided, for some strange reason, that I wanted to do a panel at a convention (pronounced, "not happening in this lifetime) or wanted to do a book signing at the local bookstore (funny how that's pronounced the same way), I can put in the request to do it and they'll work the details for me. It's not a question of approval, just scheduling.

Well, posting parts of the book wasn't included, so doing that required an addendum, which was quickly signed. The usual, "Ok, just to be sure, let me know what you think this means" was answered with something like, "yeah, yeah, I get it. No worries." I read the part where it said I agreed to use those platforms to publicize things for RP Games provided yada yada yada..., but figured that couldn't mean much.

So, since I know that the publisher reads my journal posts on at least one site, I wanted to post in full (and contractually allowed) detail, why I'm going to say this.

It's not that I disagree, so much as it's a great opportunity to give him a hard time.

That said:

If you look up RPGames on Parler, they're doing a giveaway of my books.

Yep. That's it. All those words before it just to say that.

Slightly Under Protest


9 July 2020 at 10:18:35 MDT

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