🌱Just a Chat of random Garble by Uluri

I guess I'll just post a chat journal and type whatevers on my mind. Sweedish fish candies. I really lie them a lot. I love the red ones bunches, and really don't like those green ones. I found an old packet of reese's pieces Eggs, and they are super good. I love reese's pieces much more than reese's cups. The peanutbutter is so much tastier for some reason. I'd like the cups if they used that peanutbutter instead. its so smooth.

Haaa, my highlight is finding old candy.

I got my Minecraft Realm up and running yesterday, although I wasn't able to play for long other than take a peak at the nether. Its much more stressful adveturing the nether, but also really cool. It makes me want to actually advance in the game when normally i just liked building, maybe exploring a little. Its also fun with friends. me and Kaioku died in basically the same place in a Basalt Delta.

I might get some video up on youtube about it one day. eventually. Maybe. Have you guys played in the nether yet?

Alrighty, That's all the stories I have for today.

🌱Just a Chat of random Garble


30 June 2020 at 08:40:26 MDT

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    I never realized Sweedish Fish candy came in more than red........... :o

    I recently discovered "Birthday Cake" Kit-Kats--they are really very tasty. :)

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      They have a specific candy box for multi-color+Jumbo. I much prefer the regular swedish fish.

      I have no idea if I would like Birthday Cake kitkats. I love kitkats, but not birthday flavored stuff. I'd have to try them. I tried a Pumpkin kitkat before, and I must say if you removed most of the sweet pumpkin chocolate from the cover, its good. But waaay too overpowering if you leave the regular orangey layer on it.

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        Ah, that makes sense. :)

        It’s like a vanilla-chocolate, with those crunchy rainbow dot-things you put on frosting in it. I’ve also tried the lemon Kit-Kat they had around Easter, pretty good. It tasted like the Girl Scout Lemonades cookies. I’ve never had the pumpkin spice Kit-Kats, but I’ve had the strawberry and Matcha flavored ones, that I picked up at a Japanese grocery when I went to AnimeExpo in 2015. :)

        I think my favorite Seasonal candy they don’t do anymore is the cherry 3-Musketeers. They did strawberry one year (Valentine’s), but it wasn’t the same as the cherry—it was too sweet, where the cherry had a light sour/tang taste. Otherwise, I usually look forwards to Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter and the Ghiradelli’s Eggnog Squares at Christmas. :)