ABB - Journal 9.5 by WillemTobey

Just a small update.

Chapter 10 is done. It took longer than I wanted. But it's finally finished. It wasn't quite as difficult as it seemed.

I'm sure it's going to read a bit difficult. He's slipping in and out of the simulation every time his eyes closed in those segments. It's to convey the passage of time in both realities. I hope it's not too difficult to follow.

I reuploaded Chapter 7. I was typing the current chapter and realized I was using an antiquated term for the fox-raccoons. The old term can be considered derogatory to BIPOC. That wasn't my intention. Just a fool foolishy clapping keys while hunched over the board reading shitty handwriting that included said term.

I'm probably going to start the next chapter tonight and have it posted next Monday. I think Monday or Tuesday nights will be the deadline I put on myself.

I have to stop stretching myself so thin trying to create a social media presence. So much of it is just regurgitated content (retweets and so on) from other creators. I wish you could filter that stuff out. I'm interested in the content of 5 out of a hundred. I'm more interested in the person I follow.

I've also got to slow down trying to help everyone. I've donated so much time and money over the past couple of months. Half of the money went to people in need that have been affected by current events. A good chunk of it is sitting in someone else's bank account as I (try to) wait patiently for commissions to get done. I'm getting a bit frustrated over that. Deep breaths. Calm. Down. It's not that bad. It'll be okay. I just started feeling sluggish and tired and depressed and stressed over all that and helping people when they cry out for help. It's taking its toll. I'm getting lost in my own selfless "help others before yourself" routine. It's so exhausting. I am getting pushed aside. I don't like it. I like and enjoy helping others, but - as a great tweet stated (not verbatim) - who's there to help the help? I have no one helping me through my difficult times. I'm alone.

Anyway...thank you for being patient the past month as I get back in the swing of work and back in the mindset of "I get treated like trash at work." Fuckin' hell it's been more difficult than I thought it would be. I'll try to focus more on the writing.

No quote this week. I kind of already posted it in my rambling. Ah. There it is!

"The "therapist friend" actually needs the most therapy." - Ms Milan - @_dmilan on Twitter

ABB - Journal 9.5


29 June 2020 at 21:03:57 MDT

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