Cool peeps! [Friendship Feature] by Hazel3

Hi there! I'm just gonna feature some awesome peeps! so without further ado, let's go!

So first of all..
Moonwing207 Moonwing207 has been a really good friend to me! We've been best friends for about 3 years now, and I'm really thankful she stayed loyal to our friendship no matter what ^w^ I hope she never leaves my side because I treasure every moment of friendship everyday! We are always there for each other and we hope to be best friends forever! Go check her out, she could do with some followers, faves, and a welcome to this site since she is new here :3

The next feature goes to..
sinisternoodles sinisternoodles! He's a really good friend and has really good art, you should check him out too! I'd really love to chat and get to know him more :3 also life may be rough sometimes but I hope for the best that it gets better! (Currently doing my very best getting use to his new pronouns, forgive me if I make mistakes okay)

And here we have 2 features for 2 friends..
GreenHamster GreenHamster and EdwardHamHam EdwardHamHam! I'd love to get to know them more! They sound really cool and I hope that one day we'll be very close friends! Please check em out too! They do well on their art, keep up the good work you two! :D

And finally the last feature goes to..
Izzy! I know he doesn't have a Weasyl but Izzy has always been there for me through thick and thin! We always have good convos, we support each other, and he's even helped me feel better whenever I'm feeling down! Izzy has been a great friend to me and I also hope we'll be best friends forever ^-^

If you're a friend of mine that's not in the feature, you're still cool! I may of forgotten to add you but hey, you're still good! ^w^
But yeh, go check out them cool peeps! :D

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

Cool peeps! [Friendship Feature]


7 June 2020 at 14:33:49 MDT

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    I have a online best buddy of my own
    We interact with eacthother on furaffinty, art station and YouTube

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      sounds great! it's always nice to have a best friend ^w^ since i've made so many friends, i have multiple besties! :D most friends unfortunately aren't on weasyl but when you have sooo many friends, it's hard to just pick 1 bestie y'know..? ^w^; cos everyone is awesome! :D

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    This makes me happy and ill keep the friendship going as best i can. Cause even threw tough times we still help each other :3

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      i'm so glad! i'll do my best too ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ

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    Thank you! ^^ By the way, do you have Discord? I think we'd be able to talk more closely there

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      anytime! :D and yes i do ^w^ just for privacy reasons, lets share our discords in pm :3

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    Thanks! I'll keep up the good work!

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      no problemo! and that's really good! ^w^

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    You've got a friend in me...I mean, it's always good to have friends who care about you, I hope you and your friends have an amazing day.

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      thank you! ^w^ and I agree, friendship is everything! :D