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Rp (open)

(Clinical Cynathropy, a medical condition in which the sufferer is under the delusion that they are a dog or can turn into one)

This is an Rp I did with a watcher only for a bit before
she didn't want to continue it because it wasn't her thing

So now I want to do it again with someone more interested in it.

You are a young woman living in the mid 1950s
you have always had a fascination for the weird and wonderful
But you also want to stop mistreatment going on in the asylums where ones deemed insane live
and so you make your way to the newest one
You soon form an unexpected friendship and interest in a very particular patient.

Rp rules
The one to Rp this with me
has to write at least two or 3 paragraphs
Or more if the line is long and involves quite a bit of action.

Have good grammar, describing and punctuation skills.

No tg or physical animal transformations of sexual stuff.

And last but not least
Have fun like meπŸ˜„

Now if you want to discuss more about it
Let me know in the comments section below
And favourite it to give me an early sign that your up for it.

Ps I'm happy to do the same Rp story plot line
With more then one person.

Rp idea


2 June 2020 at 15:46:17 MDT

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