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Update and Art Stuff for May 2020 by sirkain

Hoping everyone is hanging in there, being this many months in The Lock-down That Never Seems to End. :P

Been busy with repairs (mostly painting) upstairs now that everything is cleared out. Used about all the stimulus check on paint alone and some other supplies. Painting 1750sq ft of home isn't an easy task I am learning.. but it is doable. New carpet gets put in Friday replacing all the old carpet from before I moved in. Between that and paint alone its going to help a ton! But far from finishing the repair list. The house is up on the market, if you want to see the “before painting” pics and what renting out. The link is:

On to the art side of things, I have FINALLY finished all the scanning in of stuff (with a few I forgot I just found), and got the images moved in to the artists folders. Renaming all the files is taking some time, but should have that done in a week or less. The question I have for everyone is, should I bother to post this stuff to the current art sites (FA, IB, DA, Weasyl, Sofurry etc.)? We are talking about 450 or more pics that were made before any of these existed or really got known. 95+% being traditional works. If I do, trying to name who did it if they are still around the fandom or alive, is going to be tricky.

summercat came by recently and said they wanted to have all the prints, comic books and miscellaneous art I didn’t want. So if any of you want to know what was in that stash, can give him a poke in FA notes. I don't know if they plan to donate any to con charities or not.

Not cared to draw yet. Mind just hasn't been in the right place for that.

Update and Art Stuff for May 2020


14 May 2020 at 23:24:50 MDT

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