Closing Commissions! by CaptainBragd

I've been diffrenating between being too sick to focus on keeping my online presence well kept and working too much to work on it, so I am sorry things have been quiet and I haven't kept all my galleries up to date lately. People who follow my twitter might have seen that I've had some money problems lately with a surprise fine for failing to renew my car insurance on time, where I asked for commissions to help me make ends meet.

I really appreciate all my clients for the help, I've met the funds needed for the fine and just need to keep my nose to the grindstone and finish things up for now. I'll finish all current commissions, The giveaway price, and art trades, then work on finishing some of my own projects. I'm currently working on ref sheets for some of my OCs, and hope to get more work in on my TTRPG projects.

Stay safe out there, wash your hands, and take the social distancing seriously. Do it for grandma!


Closing Commissions!


19 April 2020 at 15:04:45 MDT

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