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Semi Hiatus??? by Among Sculptures

Aaaaaaand there i am again! I thought its about time to make a small update to let you guys know what is going on, what to expect and such. The small hiatus is almost over, unfortunately not completely over, cause i will have to leave my shops closed for a little longer, cause the virus is still spreading and that makes it harder to get supplies or ship anything at all. I hope it will be just a few weeks, tops. Renovations are over (thank goodness) and i can start to work again on my left sculptures! The problem is my supplies are getting smaller and smaller (the one thing which makes every artist cry, next to depressing thoughts about your ruined life and such) every day. I will be able to finish the two i already started to sculpt (i hope) and im going to post pictures of WIPs again, but i am not sure how long that will go on before completely crashing, just like the rest. Commissions will have to be delayed as well, cause of the problems mentioned above, i could still take and list them, but i wouldn't be able to sculpt them for a few weeks, so i thought i would just close them for a little while as well, unfortunately. Of course you can still contact me through my email or just through the site if there should be questions and such. Thanks for reading, i know it was a little longer than expected and quite boring, as are my usual updates!

Semi Hiatus???

Among Sculptures

11 April 2020 at 08:33:45 MDT

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