Cursed Scales Series by PinkKacey

Cursed Scales is a series of erotically themed stories told in a fantasy setting. The stories revolve around a group of would-be adventurers as they build their very own guildhall. They meet in colorful ways and come from different, mostly harrowing, backgrounds. As they bond and develop complicated relationships with one another they must cope with their personal curses, be they real or believed, their own or the curse of another.

The series revolves around Jun, a steel scaled kobold who's powerful curse isn't fully understood yet. While each character's bond to him is unique, they all share the feeling of an irresistible pull towards him. People who are drawn to Jun don't get along naturally, some want to abuse him to sate their own needs. It takes time for our main cast to fully cope with one another and where they find themselves.

Every Chapter in the series will be told from the perspective of a specific character. They tell parts of their story from the first three years of Jun's curse. I hope to create a colorful and mysterious world through the use of this fashion of publication. I would love to spawn a real desire to further explore viewpoints and get the full story. Though part of the fun of a deep world is wondering.

This journal serves as both a table of contents and a preview of the number of stories I have planned to write in this series as of 3/24/2020. I plan on publishing one chapter at once, cut up into the 4-5 stories. I will adjust this journal to reflect which chapter I am working on as I publish. As well as eventually adding character bios and maybe brief summaries.

I sincerely hope you enjoy.

I will be publishing Zez's short stories next.

Chapter Order
Chapter 1: Otsu
Chapter 2: Zez
Chapter 3: Rain
Chapter 4: Toskan
Chapter 5: Helen
Chapter 6: Spade

Chronological Order

Toskan - First Winter
Toskan - First Spring
Rain - First Spring
Toskan - First Summer
Rain - First Fall
Zez - First Fall
Rain - Second Winter

Zez - Second Winter
Otsu - Second Spring
Zez - Second Summer
Otsu - Second Summer
Rain - Second Fall
Toskan - Second Fall
Otsu - Second Fall
Zez - Second Fall

Helen - Third Spring
Otsu - Third Spring
Helen - Third Summer
Zez - Third Summer
Helen - Third Fall
Otsu - Third Fall

  1. Spade - Third Fall

Character Bios

Cursed Scales Series


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