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Easter is a thing I keep missing by GettingEggywithit

and I hate that!

Hello everyone! It has been...yeah, but! Easter is coming around the corner and I hope to deliver you all a bunch of egg pictures since life has been keeping me on my toes for a bit.

General life updates:

-kid's book-Finished that and got burned from drawing for a while. I don't know how things have been going with it since Covid-19 decided to rear it's ugly head. Last I heard, everyone liked it and the client was looking into using it for some things. (I hope everyone is okay because I haven't heard an update in a while and the client wanted to keep me posted on things)

-Burnout- Yeah...couldn't really doodle for myself even though I was done with work (I had several other commissions to do alongside the kid's book. Did I mention that? I was so busy I'm sorry) The plus side to burn out is actually playing games I bought I don't remember how long ago. Also spending time with the family was nice without the stress of constant work.

-Slowly getting back- I have been drawing a good amount for the past couple months or so, but I haven't finished much. I have more doodles and concepts for things, but that's about it. Admittedly I did stray away from social media during my burnout which has lead to a few pics building up (both SFW and NSFW if anyone was curious) so that's good.

-other life stuff- my grandparents have moved in with my parents due to too many accidents at their home (which is 3 hrs from my parents place) for comfort. They moved in a few months after I decided to move back with my parents for personal reasons. With a VERY busy house things have been chaotic, but my mom couldn't be happier that I'm home. I and my partner keep her sane as she deals with my grandparents. She needs someone younger than 90's to talk to once in while especially when my dad was working. He's home now due to the virus.

Speaking of virus-no, nobody's sick (so far) and we hope to keep things that way. Recently I learned that people with kidney disease can be affected pretty badly by Covid-19 and both me and my mom have PKD. Needless to say my partner is VERY cautious of me and has banned my mom and me from getting groceries.

Other than that, things are okay and I really hope to make Easter this year eggy. I have been doodling and trying to actually finish stuff in preparation to Egg day. Oh! Speaking of eggs, my life is soon to be expecting chickens, so IRL eggs will be happening! I am super excited ^w^ This will also give me a good excuse to go outside, which is something I don't do, much to the dismay of my partner. Hey, I walk the damn dog at least!

Okay, that was probably the longest journal I have written yet and I'm sorry for that. I just never talk and felt it might be nice to actually update you guys since I've been gone so damn long. I didn't expect life to take me to the places it has, let alone where things are going these days :\

All I can hope for is that everyone here is healthy, staying safe, and are as happy as they can be, which I know can be hard.
Thank you all for being patient, liking my work, and being awesome.

See you on Easter!

Easter is a thing I keep missing


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    Fingers crossed for you! Looking forward to whatever comes of egg day!