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This has been a decent week filled with driving.

Made it to Houston, then Laredo where I sat for a day because no one bothered paying attention to the delivery being a day later than when I was told to arrive. It gave me the chance to run errands, then the pick up was read for me and I moved. One good thing is I found out that we are getting Love’s Trick stop a few miles from the yard, and it’s almost done, so it might be open by the time I’m in Laredo again.

The one down side is that I lost a chapter on Friday. Windows crashed, and I think it happened as Scrivener was backing up, because even the backup was corrupted, so I couldn’t retrieve the chapter. It hurt, but I’ll rewrite it on Monday and hopefully finish Protecting the line On Tuesday.

So on to the writing, Protecting the line got chapters 40 to 43, 44 was eaten by Windows. I finished Part 4 of Wyatt’s story, and I’ll be taking a break from it. I don’t really know what the next part will be and I need to return to Tiranis. And I work on 2628, but I didn’t finish it, I need to figure out how it will progress

As usual, anyone at the 1$ support level and up can read them.

Movie of the week

How to Train your Dragon, the hidden world. This movie is good. As good as the previous two. Hicup is now leader, and needs to comfront someone who may very well be smarter than he is, on top of that, Toothless is distracted by something, and it’s entirely possible Hicup will have to find out how much of a man he is without his dragon at his back.

This movie made me realize something. I love hope, in a movie. I love that moment when all seems dark and the main character understands something that changes how their story will progress. It doesn’t have to be big, and it doesn’t have to ‘plot driven’

In the Incredibles, it’s when Dash discovers he can run on water. He’d chased by men on flying vehicles, there are more than he can deal with and there’s water ahead of him, and while afraid, he keeps running. The surprise, the joy on his face as he realizes and proceeds to have the time of his life using that to beat his opponent was amazing

In Rock Dog, it’s when Bodie accidentally discovers that he does have the inner fire his father despaired he’d ever find. The initial discovery is accidental hit me as it hit everything else in the scene, and then when he returns to his village and uses it, it was another amazing moment.

In Hidden World, it’s when Hicup his told he can only save one of two dragons by his opponent who is laughing at him while saying that, and Hicup saves one dragon, let’s go, telling her to save the other. The peace on his face as he does that and the terror on his enemy who was holing on to Hicup for his own life was a sight to behold. I was so invested in the moment that I forgot Hicup wouldn’t die. All I saw was his willingness to sacrifice him himself in the hope of saving someone else.

And that’s the thing about hope. It’s not always about being the one who wins with it. Sometimes it’s about being willing to lose so someone else will win.

And I realized that moment is one I try to put in all my series. I can’t know if readers will see it, but I put them in it. It’s in Tristan. It’s in Inheriting the Line, twice, it going to be in Death by Predation, and I definitely hope it’s going to be in Demons.

Because that moment, to me, is the culmination of a story.

And I’m going to leave you on that. I’ll see you on the next one.

No idea how to title (Patreon for 04-05-20)


5 April 2020 at 20:05:09 MDT

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