I simply cannot understand... by Mircea

Although this is a rare position to find myself in, I'm at the point where I'm legitimately confused and don't know what to think any more. At first I thought everyone's telling me I'm wrong because they're naive and don't realize the true agenda of those in power or how they go about fulfilling it. But now several people I trust who I know can think for themselves are telling me the same thing. But if I am wrong... it simply makes no sense why I would be! I feel I need others help to understand what the heck is actually going on here.

This is in reference to the Corona Virus lockdowns taking place across the world and how I've been interpreting them. To start from the beginning: For years I've been predicting the rulers of this world are going to find a pretext to get an army and take us all hostage, as part of a coup to bring the free world to an end and impose the dictatorship of their dreams. There are so many founded reasons for this fear; I can only start with the observation that places like America and Europe have been copying the exact authoritarian model of countries like China, especially as far as the internet goes... now they're actively praising the CCP over how it handled the COVID-19 outbreak, without caring or mentioning they did so by literally terrorizing kidnapping and beating people up, which they openly claim they want to see here in the West.

The recipe has been the same in every case, this outbreak being no exception: Either create a false problem or find a real problem toward which to have an extreme reaction, use that to spread fear, use that fear to attack and control as many people as possible... all while telling them to obey each aberration they come up with for their own safety, as wise people found some magical danger the rest of us are too stupid to comprehend. I've seen how well this system can be used back when I was 16 and fell victim to it; That showed me the length society will go to in order to control the minds of other beings, to destroy any joy others have and take revenge on them for having it, to ensure they cannot live or feel or think for themselves, that they will be assimilated into a strict culture where they live to serve the noble machinery. The holy grail of was that this lockdown also came precisely at a time when the moral wars are reaching their peak and even the US is on the brink of civil war over laughable things, leading to extremism my generation has never lived to see and can only associate with the medieval age. For 15 years I've been waiting to see what the wannabe slave owners will do next... this year I thought I finally had my answer.

How this ties in to the lockdown: It's been my suspicion that fanatical puritans and other moralist groups were planning an armed takeover in order to arrest and potentially execute sexual and other minorities in secrecy, including artists who are subverting the mainstream doctrine through the fiction they create (as the UN wanted and is already happening in the UK). If cultural cleansing at a global scale was indeed part of the scheme, there's multiple things society fears and would target, especially once it begins figuring out certain matters; I'm not gonna expose some things too much here and now... I mean I'd further be seen as a crazy idiot so hey, best defense in the worst case! Bottom line is, the social machinery has been using SARS2 to react exactly as I predicted and expected all those years, it fit my models precisely: They have the media spreading fear and coming up with terrifying headlines to push 24/7, making people so afraid they'll accept if not demand their own repression, then the government releases its army of knights in white armor to parade the streets for the common good, which people will be too busy and scared to hold accountable. The picture seemed very clear and undeniable.

Knowing all this, the things I'm now being told by literally everyone around me are something I can't make sense of as they sound ridiculous to my brain: That governments worldwide locking up half the world's population, fining anyone who goes outside if they don't like it, and even having the army out on the streets... is all because they're afraid of that little virus. Dude... am I the only one who doesn't get what the actual fuck? This is the wet dream of every government, not to mention thousands of people who want everyone to live and think based on their moral codes: They have an army locking people up in their homes for crying out loud! Do folks have any idea what they can do under the cover of such a thing?! Right now the ones desperate to control society could literally stage a coup and impose their ISIS type regime if they wanted. Yet I'm being told there's no way that's gonna happen: That once the virus episode is over, all those armies will nicely go back and people will be free to go out again like nothing happened... all while the moralists and authoritarian lunatics nicely throw this opportunity away, after being so close to finally achieving their lifelong dream of enslaving us to their "safe" culture.

Normally I wouldn't even hear of it. Yet people I closely trust keep telling me there's no such plot too. Last night an authoritarian lockdown was put into place in an area where someone very close and much like me lives... even they are not concerned about it, and so far they are still okay. This is further backed up by the fact that when I traveled to the city center last week, I saw no army and nobody kidnapped me or shot me... I'm only seeing a few cops talking to people around here, not sure if harassing them with fines, but in any case not what I suspected. Yet again: How could such hateful tyrants and a society scared of its own shadow abstain themselves, in front of such an opportunity to eradicate everything they fear as they've been vocally desperate to for years?

Look: I know I have followers who are intelligent and self aware people. I legitimately want to know your sincere opinions, as well as any personal observations from the lockdowns in your areas; Is this really it? No invasion, no arresting moral dissidents, no executing hentai artists for the children, no planting hidden cameras and microphones throughout cities... all just for a dumb virus and that's it? My mind literally can't comprehend something this ridiculous still... I've seen their behavior for years, I just can't disbelieve there must be something more to it! Yet with the amount of people telling me I'm being paranoid and this conspiracy isn't real, I'm having to consider what to me is unthinkable. I swear: If it turns out this military dictatorship was just for a virus without any ulterior motives, that's going to be the most hilarious and mind blowing thing I've seen in my life... don't know if I'm even gonna be able to laugh at it at this stage, but I think it will tickle me if anything.

I simply cannot understand...


4 April 2020 at 11:21:28 MDT

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