April Update by IridescenceStudios

Hard to believe it's already April. First, the good news. I've been on HRT for two weeks as of today. I haven't noticed anything other than perhaps my facial hair growing slower but that could just be my imagination or something. I'd like to take regular progress pictures to see if I notice any obvious changes but I don't expect anything for a while.

In writing news I have finished the third section of the Vanguard story, a serialized 10 part story featuring some characters I've had a good time playing with and perhaps the first time I've done what I would call a period piece. I've tried to keep it as close to 1947 as possible in mindsets, mannerisms, and other things but it's been flowing well so I have started on part 4 since I finished part 3 early. I've got some video editing to do this weekend along with maybe a vlog and perhaps some other stuff... I know I've got a lot left on the pile but I'm working on it. Anyhow lots coming down the pipeline so stay tuned.

I'm still working from home due to the COVID-19 situation, and in fact I find I like it more than I thought I would. Since starting it I've found a few ways to be more efficient and I do appreciate working in whatever I feel like wearing that day, plus no commute is a plus.

Shrag has started on the garden, I might take some pictures and video of that tomorrow if time permits.

Today on my afternoon walk I got an unexpected compliment on my dress which was nice. :)

Let's see, I threw out my last pair of guy sneakers, they served me well for a long time, but they were definitely past their prime.

I suppose that's it for now, more later. :)


April Update


1 April 2020 at 15:53:36 MDT

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