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next Autoskunk review sneak peek by ShawnSkunk

hey guys ShawnSkunk here with a sneak peek into my next AutoSkunk review
I hope everyfur out there is doing alright and quarantined themselves instead of drink out of toilet bowls
and partying out on beaches in Florida, unlike a certain group of idiots I heard of recently on national news
where people get drunk and then they get coronavirus and suffer from diarrhea (that's actually a side effect of coronavirus believe it or not) and then they're shitting on each other and their shit mixes and becomes corona-diarrhea and then they slip on each other's corona-diarrhea shit and then that causes a corona-diarrhea geyser and then that causes a corona-diarrhea tusnami
don't do it guys, be smart, stay home and don't go out and do anything
other than that let's get to the sneak peek, next month for April in spirit of Earth day coming up my next review is going to be about the history of the electric car, I know electric cars are starting to become the norm these days but it's nothing really new, in fact, the electric car's origins go waay further back then you might think, how further back?, well that's something you will all find out soon enough in the upcoming review and no, I'm not giving out spoilers
so until then, I'll see you guys in the next review ;3

next Autoskunk review sneak peek


28 March 2020 at 23:25:36 MDT

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