Commissions and Slavestreams opening SOON! by Nommz

Hey folks!

Y'all know the deal. Opening up for commissions again soon, as well as slavestreams! No special conditions this time, but I do have some updates about various things. First, commission slot deets:

I'll be opening for 5 commission slots on April 1st, around 5pm EST.

-The journal will be posted with the link to the commission form. It will stay open for around 24 hours.
-The first 3 forms filled will be guaranteed a commission slot. The remaining 2 slots will be picked by me.
-I'll email those who got the slots to discuss ideas, prices, and other details, and then I'll send invoices and work on thumbnail sketches for commissioners' approval .
-The queue will be ordered by who gets that whole process done first, and I'll work down the queue in order.

Slavestream info. There's a small change since last I opened for slavestreams that I'll provide a little bit of detail for after.

I'll be opening for slavestreams on April 1st, around 5PM EST. The corresponding slots are from April 7th to the 24th, from 7pm-1am EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

-The form will stay open for the entirety of the booking period once linked in the journal. Booking times have gone quickly in the past, but do keep checking in on it every so often in case someone drops a slot you were looking to grab.
-Once on the form, you can navigate about the calendar and select a time and fill out other relevant info. Once it is booked, I will need to manually approve your slot. When I approve it, you'll receive an email!
-Reply to the email with your ideas for the stream (even if its "I'll give you ideas in stream") to confirm it, and I'll send you an invoice that needs to be paid prior to the stream. The slot must be confirmed by the Sunday before your stream, but the payment just needs to be in before your time slot.

I'll be sure to announce slots and streams opening on my Commission Announcement Telegram channel: , as well as in journals and on Twitter.

Alright, the small change is that Mondays are no longer available for public slavestreams. Reason being is that I'm keeping that day (and Saturday) as flexible days for Patreon related work only. Patron decided personal artwork, or patron commissions and slavestreams. All of this was something I'd announced earlier on Patreon, but haven't had the chance to do so here! Regardless of what content is being worked on, though, the streams are free for all to attend and watch. I'm just splitting up my schedule and what I work on a bit differently now, and making more time for personal art. If you want to get in on some neato perks, my Patreon can be found here:

Anyway, comment, note, or email me at if you have any questions! I'm happy to help c:

Commissions and Slavestreams opening SOON!


25 March 2020 at 17:09:52 MDT

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