The most important message I might ever post... by Mircea

I'm cross-posting this journal to multiple websites. I'm writing it primarily so my watchers know what happened in case I disappear without a trace and stop posting content without explanation. I have a lot going on right now so if you can please: Don't yell at me too if this accidentally broke any site rule or I'm saying something that triggers some sensitivity a reader has and I'm not aware of. It's not with ill intent and I literally don't have the energy to deal with more hate and other issues on top of everything else: I'm a bloody fighter but even I can't carry the whole world on my shoulders 24/7 any more.

As everyone surely knows the Corona Virus craze is now everywhere, thanks to governments and the media doing everything they could to spread panic at an unprecedented level. It's gotten to the point where the army is being deployed across the streets of several European countries, soldiers pointing guns at people who go outside while telling them it's for their own good (the classic recipe). Till now this only happened in a city in Italy where the outbreak was worst. Now it's coming to Romania including here in Bucharest: As of today the army is said to be terrorizing people in the city center. I've seen this coming for years now, but did not imagine they'd make such a move this quickly and impose a military dictatorship within weeks using bacteria as an excuse. After censoring the free internet and making everyone hate everyone else over the past 4 years, it seems the time has come to make a total grab for power by military means... always hoped we had a few more years left but it seems I was wrong.

As of now my own life is on the line too. Today I had to go to the market for necessary reasons: People told my mother to expect armed troops to scrutinize me at gunpoint... she freaked out and begged me to sign some pledge someone came up with on Facebook, that made no sense and I couldn't print out anyway. Thankfully apart from most stores and businesses being shut down, I didn't see any police or soldiers here yet... just fewer people than usual, everyone wearing those goofy masks, and posters about their scary ol' virus all over the place. The problem isn't just that I need go out periodically to buy food: I have to visit the city center next week, where I have an appointment with my doctor for renewing my depression treatment (guess who I have to thank for that). I go there using the subway which they're likely going to be guarding... the stations are open spaces so sneaking around and trying to hide will surely not work, especially if their troopers are guarding the booth where you pay to enter.

They say that if you can justify why you walked out of your home they might leave you alone. I have the clinic's phone number so they can call and confirm my appointment. But I don't know if they will want more depending on what their true goal is: It's said that if they don't like what you say they may fine you a huge amount you can't pay, then arrest you for not paying it. As I'm sure those who know me are aware, I will not sit on my knees in front of those Nazis and beg for my life: I will do every common sense thing other people are doing, but once the line is crossed and they're using this to fuck with me I will stand up for myself. I'm not going to put my whole life on a platter to those scumbags nor show them my personal phone with private things in it, I know all too well why they want that: ID is all they're getting out of me.

I'm going to say this straight now: If I disappear without a trace, assume I was either shot by the army or they've taken me to a concentration camp. No I'm not going to fear, I don't fear the monsters any more: Their governments have done everything they could to ruin my life and instill terror among us over the past 4 years, this is just the peak of their unsuccessful attempts to destroy us mentally and make us bow to them on every level. If they try to take me alive I won't resist much, but will refuse to eat or drink once in custody... I'll go down on my own terms rather than whatever torture they may have planned for me and my kind. If it will somehow come to this, I want those who knew me to move on and stay determined: Even if you're among those who hated me, remember my determination and what I went through just to support our freedom and the culture I dreamed of, in the face of hate destruction and indoctrination. Tell yourself this: If a sensitive autistic underdog like me had the capacity to resist, so can you!

I wish to end on a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE for several communities out there... particularly people who are into furry, vore, and cub / loli: Whatever you do, DO NOT let the soldiers find out who you are and what you like! This military dictatorship is coming from the purist cults trying to take the world back to the dark ages. To them we are vermin that goes against their God, are magically damaging their children through the internet, or whatever absurd insanity they came up with to eradicate us. Last years the UN tried to ban heretical artwork in hopes of kickstarting a softer mind control regime; After realizing they can't openly arrest dissidents for their thoughts and creations, they're now using a stupid Chinese flu to discretely go after those who are in their way. I don't think they will take all of us to concentration camps, but have little doubt I'm on their list as I never bowed to their doctrine and they know it. So if you're into very NSFW stuff, ESPECIALLY anything including underage characters which has been the primary target of their ideological obsessions, they see you as a threat too and you may be in danger! I'll only suggest that you be prepared to defend yourself in need, otherwise try not to draw attention for any reason. We're all in this together, every marginalized community facing brutal erasure from existence... we won't let them win and steal the world from us again, the future is ours not theirs!

Thank you everyone. And most importantly take care of yourselves: Be careful with hygiene too, just in case there really is something to this whole virus shenanigan... but just as much beware of what people will do using the virus as an excuse. If through some stretch of the imagination they do something crazy and we never meet again, it's been a fun ride.

The most important message I might ever post...


25 March 2020 at 11:28:49 MDT

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