Honest Feedback needed by Dragonien

So. I could really use some honest feedback.

I feel out of all of the places that i post my content i get almost no interaction at all from Weasyl. I don't know if its just I haven't built a following here yet, or if the site is just really underpopulated or what it is.

So, be honest with me.

How many of you would be effected if I stopped posting my stories here? I still post them on my Patreon, Furaffinity, Sofurry, and even my own personal website now Dragonien.com.

So I guess I'm just wondering is there anyone here that would actually be put out if i no longer posted here?

Honest Feedback needed


25 March 2020 at 11:28:11 MDT

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    I guess I'd be kinda disappointed, I generally prefer to read stories on Weasyl, but if it's a lot of effort to put your content here then I understand if you want to stop.

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    Weasyl is my home to Art, since FurAffinity's Corruption and lack of security, Sofurry is little less but FurryNetwork I have no problems with.
    If you desire to leave this place I hope we meet again, it was nice to see a character like your almost identical to mine but Red insted of blue your character is awesome and attractive. Weasyl is still new in the corner of the world web and most likely a site where most users who were banned from other Art sites may come to stay.

    It's your choice my friend you may go as you feel in your heart or Stay longer create new ideas.

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      Honestly i like Furrynetwork's layout. Unfortunately theyve given a HUGE middle finger to the entire writing community so me and the other writers avoid it like the plague

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        I see well don't treat it like a place to put your works treat weasyl like a Archive. Where you put all your works that's more important.