Re: Rejected Requests by BadRoy

Let me get the hard talk out of the way and then I'll explain myself.

I refuse to draw anything that I don't have any interest in.
I'm not obligated to draw anything for anyone. I accept commissions part-time for kicks.

At the outset I said I would favor commission hopefuls that I'd passed over previously, but this has proven less and less tenable as these people happen to request things that I continually have no interest in. This isn't a condemnation of them or their tastes of course! I just have no interest in what they want me to do and there's no way around that. It's a hard line.

In any case I'm going to be a mean guy and stop weighing priority with commission requests. I'll pick the ones I like and only the ones I like. I would love to be fair and give everyone who wants something from me a chance to get it, but that's just not working out. Sorry.

If anyone has any recommendations I wouldn't mind hearing them.

Re: Rejected Requests


24 March 2020 at 12:12:15 MDT

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