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I still stand on my opinion about no owned art accounts by RDK

I don't care about upset sheep who immediately go on defending such individuals, especially when they don't even have any works of their own posted on said accounts to begn with and are just here to defend such nonsense. I do not appreciate the fact that some account earns millions of views+favorites just dor posting commsioned artwork they pay for, not draw themselves. That pretty much brings down any actual artist who has uploaded and barely gets any recognizion while these types of accounts get such levels of attention.

And for anyone who likes talking on my back about this no, I am not "jealous" of anything of the sort. I am ANGRY that such injustice is occurring. Its not right. Not only on this site but in any other where such things happen as well. As I had said before, such accounts should not have any form of statistics since such people just showcase artwork made for them.

As a final note you go on telling me about being "jealous" and acting like an ass instead of trying to understand where I come from when your own account is just used to favorite artwork with barely any hits to speak of. But I understand, you are just sheep defending your idols who are utter famous for doing nothing. As such I have no reason to even read your angry comments at me about it.

I still stand on my opinion about no owned art accounts


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